math contest

Langara College proudly hosts the BC Secondary School Math Contest - Vancouver Region. We invite all secondary school students from grades 8-12 to test their mathematical might against other students for a chance to claim great prizes as well as bragging rights for the entire year. 

About the BSSMC:
The BC Secondary School Math Contest (formerly B.C. Colleges High School Mathematics Contest) is intended to be a bit less competitive than the national Euclid and Descartes contests and to engage the participation of a broader range of students. Langara has been hosting the Vancouver region since 1996.

How it works:
There are two rounds at each of the two levels (junior and senior). One level is for grades 8-10, and the other is for grades 11 & 12. The first round is held in the high school and no comparison is made between schools. Each school then sends students (and a teacher) to the local college (in this case, Langara College) for the second round which is usually combined with an open house and entertainment for the students and a socialization/discussion session for the school and college faculty.

During the final round at Langara, students will write the test, receive a complimentary lunch, and enjoy great entertainment.

Register by February 28.
Preliminary Round is Wednesday, March 3, 2024 (at the students' schools)
Final Round is on Friday, May 3, 2024 (Langara College)

Learn more.
More information about the contest as well as questions and solutions to recent contests are available for download from the current provincial contest website.

For questions not covered there, and for more information about upcoming contests in particular, please contact Robert  Miller at or 604-323-5556.

Tentative schedule: