For information on registration, prerequisite overrides, or other inquiries:

Phone: Department Student Advisor at 604.323.5583 (phone messages will be checked and returned within 2 days).
In-person: Visit a student advisor (Hours are posted outside office B154f).

Department Chair
Eugene Belchev
Office: B154p
Phone: 604.323.5798
Email: ebelchev "at" langara "dot" ca
For inquiries regarding employment, scheduling, policies, markers.

Student Advisor

Melisa Lavallee
Office: B154f
Phone: 604.323.5583
Email: mlavallee "at" langara "dot" ca
For inquiries regarding registration, MDT, transfer credits and registration/course overrides.

Assistant Chair

Rob Miller
Office: B153d
Phone: 604.323.5556
Email: rmiller "at" langara "dot" ca
For inquiries regarding open house, math fairs, contests, student peer tutors, Math/Stat Activity Centre (MSAC).

Faculty Directory Office, Phone, and Email contact information
Name Office Phone 604-323- Email
Ahn, Cory B154c 604-323-5511, ext. 2624
Alaei, Navid B154d 604-323-5511, ext. 2625
Anhaouy, Pichmony B154b 5792
Aubertin, Bruce -- Retired
Belchev, Eugene B154p 5798
Chiu, Jeremy B154k 604-323-5511, ext. 2489
Franzova, Nora B245j 5676
Ghassemieh, Mersedeh B153e 604-323-5511, ext. 2401
Gosal, Hoshiar B153f 5735
Hakimi, Koopa B154e 604-323-5511, ext. 2615
Jang, Jae B153c 604-323-5511, ext. 2436
Khatirinejad, Mahdad B153b 604-323-5511, ext. 2301
Lavallee, Melisa B154f 5786
Marshall, Susan B154o 604-323-5511, ext. 2571
Miller, Robert B154g 5556
Nakano, Sonoko B154m 604-323-5511, ext. 2487
Nguyen, Athena B154c 604-323-5511, ext. 2488
Parsi, Rai B154i 5791
Roberts, Andrew B154d 604-323-5511, ext. 2284
Singh, Vijay B154e 604-323-5511, ext. 2022
Tamas, Csilla B154h 5790
Usman, Muhammad B153c 604-323-5511, ext. 2528
Xu, Jessica B153j 604-323-5511, ext. 2379
Math Student Advisor B154f