New School of Management PDD students starting programs in Summer 2023

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PDD Recommended course packages by program and term - Summer 2023 registration. Last updated March 24, 2023.

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Summer 2023 PDD Course Section Restrictions by Program. Last updated March 24, 2023.

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If you are a Term 1 PDD student starting the program in Summer 2023, you will be assigned to specific sections. Term 1 students, please register according to the instructions of your International Student Coordinator. 



Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Post Degree Diploma (PDD) program, students must:

  • Successfully complete all the courses listed in the program curriculum;
  • Achieve a minimum “C” grade in all courses; and
  • Have a minimum PGPA of 2.33 (C+ average).


  1. Students who fail or withdraw from any required course will need to repeat the course to meet their program and graduation requirements.
  2. EXPE 4814 – Experiential Learning Work Term is not a graded course, and is not counted towards the student’s PGPA.
  3. Undergrad level courses cannot be used towards PDD graduation requirements and cannot be
    used to meet prerequisite requirements.


In the PDD programs, the Program Grade Point Average (PGPA) is used for graduation purposes.

The PGPA is the weighted average of final grades earned in all credit courses at Langara applicable to a specific program. PGPA is calculated based on the most recent attempts of all required courses in the program. If a student repeats a course, only the most recent grade for that course will count.

However, the student’s transcript will always show the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), which is the weighted average of final grades earned in all credit courses at Langara in which the student has been enrolled. Unlike the PGPA, the CGPA counts all grades for all attempts at all courses.

For more information on CGPA and PGPA, please visit the Grade Point Average information page.

How to Calculate Your PGPA

To find your PGPA, multiply the letter grade point equivalent for all Langara courses on your transcript by the number of credits granted for all courses. Then add up these figures for all courses and divide the total by the total of credits for all courses you have attempted, not including courses resulting in ‘S’, ‘SR’, ‘U’ or ‘W’. Please refer to Grade and Grade Point Average chart. If you repeat a course, only the more recent grade will be used in the calculation of your PGPA; however the original grade(s) will remain on your transcript.




Letter Grade Point

Credit x Letter Grade Point





















Total 13

Total 32.67


32.67 divided by 13 = 2.51 PGPA

Academic Standing

PDD students are required to meet Langara’s Academic Standing requirements. These requirements are based on the student’s Semester Grade Point Average (SEM GPA) which is the weighted average of final grades earned in all credit courses taken in a semester at Langara in which the student has been enrolled.

For more information on SEM GPA, please visit the Grade Point Average information page.



The PDD programs are full-time programs. Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday during the day, anytime between 8:30 AM and 6:20 PM, with the occasional evening section, from 6:30 PM – 9:20 PM.


There are no scheduled breaks for the PDD programs, and students are expected to study full-time continuously (minimum 9 credits per term).



Students who choose to waitlist when there are still seats available in other sections should note that accommodations cannot be made for reasons such as schedules for work, daycare, volunteering, transit, and preferred instructors and schedules, etc. Students are expected to register sections with available seats that do not conflict with their other courses.


Every section of a PDD course has a minimum one seat reserved for domestic students. Even if the seat is not filled by a domestic student, it is expected to remain restricted to domestic students only. If you see a waitlist, and one seat showing as available, and the waitlist does not move, this means that one seat showing as available is the domestic seat.  


EXPE 4814

EXPE 4814 – Experiential Learning Work Term is considered full-time and taken on its own. It is a 3-credit course, although it is not graded or counted towards the student’s PGPA. If needed, students can take only one course with their work experience term.


EXPE 4803 should be taken in the term immediately preceding EXPE 4814.


Repeat Limits

All BCAP, BUSM, FMGT, INTB, and MARK, courses have a repeat limit of two. If you have registered* in any of these courses two or more times, permission from the department will be required to register again.


PDD students needing to take the same course a third time may be requested to meet with a Program Advisor to request a repeat limit override. They may also be required to complete a Learning Contract before a repeat limit override can be considered.


To request a repeat limit override, students must email and provide:

  • your first and last name;
  • your Langara ID number;
  • the course name and number (ex. BUSM 4800) that you wish to repeat;
  • a reason for the request.



  1. Repeat limit override requests are not guaranteed to be approved, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Repeating a course means that you will be required to pay for the course a second time.

*If you registered and then dropped the course (i.e. it does not appear on your transcript) it does not count. If you registered and then withdrew from the course (i.e. it appears on your transcript with a “W”), then it does count towards the limit.




All prerequisite requirements must be met before a student is eligible to enroll in a business (BCAP, BUSM, FMGT, INTB, and MARK) course. Courses in progress can be used as prerequisites when registering for courses; however, when final grades are updated, students who do not meet the minimum grade requirements for the prerequisite course will be dropped from their registered course automatically.


PDD students should refer to their Student Handbook for information their prerequisite requirements.


Transfer Credit

The PDD programs do not accept transfer credits.



Email is the primary method of communication to students. Students are responsible for checking their myLangara email regularly to remain up to date with important program information and notifications.


For information on how to change your preferred email address, visit the Student Accounts page on the Information Technology Department’s website, or visit the IT Help Desk.



Even if the student’s preferred email address has been changed, students are still advised to check their myLangara account regularly.


Contact information

Students are responsible for keeping their personal contact information updated through the Langara login page.