List of 2017/18 Retirees

  • Michael Allan, International Education
  • Manjit Athwal, Bookstore
  • Ginger Atwal, Langara School of Nursing
  • Mandie Barwick, Bookstore
  • Carolyn Bourcier, Co-op & Career Development
  • Mae Chung, Day Care Services
  • Frances Grunberg, Social Service Workers
  • Christine Inouye, Continuing Studies LEAP
  • Pamela Johnson, Theatre Arts
  • Hazel Kwok, Information Technology
  • Wendy Lannard, Facilities
  • Sharon Liversidge, Nursing
  • Kathryn Lukes, English
  • Donald MacDonald, Biology
  • James Morin, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Claude Painter, Early Childhood Education
  • Nicholas Read, Journalism
  • Joseph Rosen, Social Service Worker
  • Garwin Sanford, Film Arts
  • Jacalyn Scheepbouwer, People Services
  • Kenneth Schmunk, Bookstore
  • Debra Scott, English
  • Shelley Wright, Aboriginal Studies
  • Barbara Wuhrer, Langara School of Management
  • Emma Yu, International Education

The Office of the President hosts a President's Retirees Luncheon annually to congratulate and honour members of the Langara community who are leaving the service of the College. Click below for each year's event photos:

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