Langara Council Membership

Members Title
Antonella Alves Division Chair, Management Programs
Darren Bernaerdt Division Chair, Creative Arts and Industries
Jim Bowers Division Chair, Community Programs
Michele Bowers Department Chair, Counselling
Jacqueline Bradshaw Interim Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs
Ryan Cawsey Division Chair, Applied Sciences
Patricia Cia Director, Academic Innovation
Eleanor Clarke Chair, Langara College Administrators' Association
Laura Cullen Interim Division Chair, Social Sciences
Nora Franzova Division Chair, Mathematics and Sciences
Martin Gerson Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic
Margaret Heldman Dean, Faculty of Science
Gurbax Leelh Representative, Langara Students' Union
Tess MacMillan Division Chair, Humanities
Ian McBain Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts
Scott McLean President, Langara Faculty Association
Clayton Munro Dean, Student Services
Kristine Nellis Representative, CUPE Local 15/VMECW
Richard Ouellet Director, Indigenous Education and Services
Dawn Palmer Vice-President, People Services
Ajay Patel Vice-President, External Development
Wanda Pierson Division Chair, Nursing
Viktor Sokha Vice-President, Administration and Finance
Daniel Thorpe Dean, Continuing Studies
Lane Trotter President and CEO; Langara Council Chair