Celebrating Distinguished Service

Emeritus is Latin for "those having merited discharge by service". It is an honourary title conferred to retiring or retired faculty members and professional staff to recognize their distinguished service to an organization.

Langara College introduced the Emeritus/Emerita Designation Policy in 2013. 

We recognize our 2023 award recipients for their distinguished service and outstanding contributions.

2023 Emeritus Award recipients


Emeritus_2023_CArnold-Forster.pngChris Arnold-Forster

Director Emeritus, Organizational Risk & Internal Controls

During his remarkable 25-year association with Langara, Chris Arnold-Forster held various leadership roles, leaving a lasting impact. With a calm and consultative approach, he demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities as the Director of Risk and Internal Controls. Chris’ contributions to system-wide initiatives positioned Langara as a post-secondary education leader. As the Director of the Emergency Operations Centre, he exhibited thoughtful decision-making and confident leadership in different emergency situations. Beyond crisis management, Chris fostered a supportive environment, earning praise for his collaborative nature and ability to address challenges. His involvement in complex projects showcased his impact on shaping the institution’s future. Colleagues commended his exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication, ensuring the College’s continuity. Chris retired from Langara in September 2022, leaving a profound legacy and making him a deserving candidate for the 2023 Emeritus Award.

Emeritus_2023_PCia.pngPatricia Cia

Director Emerita, Academic Innovation

Patricia Cia made significant contributions to Langara College during her 16-year tenure. Starting as a librarian, she progressed to become the Director of Academic Innovation, overseeing the Library & Learning Commons, CAPER-BC, Educational Technology, and TCDC. Patricia led the Library through strategic initiatives, redefined copyright management, and initiated programs like Open Langara. She leveraged technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, supporting faculty in integrating new tools. Patricia's leadership excellence earned her the Langara Leadership Excellence Award in 2013-2014. After retiring in July 2021, she remains engaged in professional associations and pursues her passion for photography. Patricia's dedication and expertise have left a lasting impact on Langara College's academic innovation.

Emeritus_2023_LCullen.pngLaura Cullen

Faculty Emerita, Nutrition and Food Service Management

Laura Cullen has been a prominent figure in the foodservice industry for over four decades, making a significant impact on education and leadership. During her time at Langara College, she held various roles, including instructor, Department Chair of Nutrition and Food Service Management, and Division Chair of both Business and Community Programs, and Social Sciences. Laura's expertise and support led to the development of Langara's original BBA and BRM programs, establishing the college as a leader in business education. Her exceptional service was recognized by esteemed organizations such as The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, the Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals, and Sandoz Nutrition. Laura retired from Langara in October 2021, leaving behind a profound legacy of dedication to advancing foodservice management in healthcare and transformative education leadership.

Emeritus_2023_KShaw.pngKathryn Shaw

Artistic Director Emerita, Theatre Arts

Kathryn Shaw, the former Artistic Director of Studio 58, devoted 46 years to mentoring and teaching aspiring actors. She played a pivotal role in shaping Studio 58, the renowned theater training program, nurturing countless students' talents who are achieving success in film, television, and theater worldwide. Kathryn's remarkable teaching abilities earned her widespread recognition, including a Life Membership in the Canadian Actors Equity Association and being listed among BC's 100 Most Influential Women. Her dedication to excellence led to accolades such as the Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance Career Achievement Award, the ACCC Bronze Medal for Excellence in Teaching, and induction into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame. As a director, Kathryn's visionary work garnered nominations and two Jessie Richardson Awards. Now retired, Kathryn has rekindled her acting career, participating in police training scenarios, and exploring playwriting. Her contributions and unwavering commitment to fostering new talent have left an indelible mark on Studio 58 and the Canadian theater community.

Emeritus_2023_GTrick.pngGordon Trick

Faculty Emeritus, Fine Arts

Gordon Trick's tenure at Langara College brought remarkable achievements to the Fine Arts program. He established the Assistant Department Chair position, created the Fine Art Graduating Exhibition and the Fine Arts Scholarship Fund, and rewrote the curriculum to meet standards and facilitate credit transfers. His efforts increased graduating numbers and introduced the influential FINA Art Theory class in collaboration with Art History. Gordon's innovative recruitment initiatives attracted talented students, and his ‘Langara For Life’ approach helped them at and beyond Langara College. His visionary leadership and dedication to student success have left a lasting impact on Langara College, shaping the Fine Arts program and fostering a supportive artistic community.

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