Accessibility at Langara is a priority for the college and an ongoing process. As a community, we are committed to continually addressing and improving accessibility needs on campus. Recently, a college-wide accessibility committee was formed in accordance with the new Accessible British Columbia Act. We are looking forward to upcoming guidance from this committee so that we can ensure that we are doing our utmost to make sure Langara is a place that makes everyone feel included and like they belong.

Human Rights at Langara

  • Procedures
  • Duty to Accommodates
  • Interfaith Room

Campus Resources

  • For information on college amenities including multi-faith/interfaith rooms, menstral product dispensers, and shower facilities, click here
  • To see where single-stall (All-Gender) bathrooms with public access are located around campus, click here
  • For college maps, click here
  • To access the Accessibility Services home page, which includes information on academic accommodations, eligibility, and documentation, as well as other resources, click here
  • For information on lockers, parking, Handy Dart location, and reporting physical access problems, click here

Be sure to check out the services of the Langara Students' Union as well.