Stay tuned to this ever-developing page as we curate more accesibility resources for the snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara community.

Langara Accessibility Services

  • Accessibility Services works with students with disabilities to arrange appropriate support services on a case-by-case basis. Head to their webpage for student and faculty portals and to learn more about accessibility at Langara. 

Accessibility Services Canada: Resources

  • Legislation
  • Design best practices
  • Contrast and colour checkers
  • Events, meetings, and festivals
  • Technical guides
  • Social media accessibility
  • Reports and surveys
  • Built enviornment
  • Accessibility awareness
  • Employment

Rick Hansen Foundation: Accessibility Resources

  • Universal Design Recommendations for Accessible Ramps, entrances, elevators, etc.

The British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS)

Disability Alliance BC

Resources for Travellers with Disabilities

Resource Directory of Accessibility Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities in Public Post-Secondary Institutions

AccessibleBC - Plan for 2022/23 - 2024/25

City of Vancouver: Accessible Events Checklist and Resources

Government of Canada: Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings

Disability Foundation

Youtube: Top 10 Chrome Browser Extensions for Accessibility

Half Bold: Make text more readable

7 Chrome Extensions to Make Reading Online Articles Better

Disability Invisibility

  • This is life from a disabled lens. Disability Visibility is a podcast hosted by San Francisco night owl Alice Wong featuring conversations on politics, culture, and media with disabled people. If you’re interested in disability rights, social justice, and intersectionality, this show is for you.

The Accessible Stall

  • The Accessible Stall is a disability podcast hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau that keeps it real about issues within the disability community. Because the hosts each have different disabilities and mobility levels, they approach everything with two unique viewpoints, offering listeners a fresh insight into how differences in disability can color your experiences and perspectives.

Down to the Struts

  • Down to the Struts is a podcast about disability, design, and intersectionality, where the building blocks for a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable world for all disabled people are uncovered. The host, Qudsiya Naqui, brings together activists, scholars, artists, athletes and many others to share their wisdom about how we can reimagine policies, practices, and the built environment to center disabled bodies and the intersectional identities they hold.

The Disability Equity Podcast

  • A podcast from the Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center that challenges stereotypes of disability by sharing stories, data, and news. 

Disability After Dark

  • The Disability After Dark Podcast shines a bright light on disability stories. It's like sitting down with a really close friend to have real conversations about disability, sexuality and everything else about the disability experience that we don't talk about; the things about being disabled we keep in the dark. The show is hosted by Disability Awareness Consultant Andrew Gurza.

Web Accessibility Podcast Roundup

  • A collection of podcasts from around the web that relate to web accessibility. 

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is aware these resources are not exhaustive and welcomes input from the community. If you have suggestions for articles, podcasts, webinars, events, etc., we invite you to reach out to our office at