Take the first step with us in Langara’s EDI journey.


About the EDI Roadmap

snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College is developing an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Roadmap in partnership with HRx, an agency that specializes in human resources with a focus on EDI. Part of this project are a survey and a series of focus groups, which will help towards connecting with our community and develop a plan to further our efforts in EDI. 

Participate in the survey

Help make the College a more equitable, diverse and inclusive place. The Inclusion and Belonging survey is now open! Please check your emails for the link. If you did not receive the email or cannot access the survey, please contact edioffice@langara.ca 

Join a focus group 

We're hosting a series of focus groups for the community to attend to talk about EDI at Langara. Each group will be capped at 15 people to allow for conversation and thought exchanges. They will be facilitated by consultants from HRx. Space is limited. Register now. 

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Meet Joy Walcott-Francis and Quinn Bennett

Joy (she/her) is the Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Her passion for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) comes from her experience navigating post-secondary spaces as a woman of colour and recognizing the need to develop and implement strategic and targeted approaches that address systems that perpetuate social inequity. With over a decade of local and global experience, she is skilled in leading, shaping, and effecting systemic change within post-secondary institutions.

Quinn (he/him) is the EDI Advisor, People and Culture. He has over a decade of experience in non-profit program management and community service leadership, focusing on harm reduction, mental health, peer support, and gender-affirming care. Quinn is dedicated to his journey of decolonizing, learning/unlearning, and taking meaningful actions that support equity, diversity, and inclusion. He is grateful to be working in collaboration with others at snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College to strengthen EDI and foster a sense of inclusion and belonging for everyone..