Langara would like to recognize the following graduates for their outstanding academic achievements and commitment to community service.

Marzia Ambrosini, Associate of Arts Degree in Asian Studies

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science)

Marzia is graduating with the highest cumulative grade point average in a two-year arts and science program. She is excited to have finished her credential, and is looking forward to pursuing further study. She is grateful to the supportive Langara faculty who worked with her, and appreciates that they managed to continue to teach effectively while physically separated from their students during the pandemic. Marzia would like her classmates to remember to seek fulfillment, and reach towards their dreams, and that there is always a way forward.

Christie Bugden, Diploma in Education Assistant (Co-ordinated) & Certificate in Education Assistant

Governor General's Collegiate Bronze Medal, Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career), &
Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Certificate)

Christie achieved the highest cumulative grade point average for a student graduating from a two-year career program and a certificate program. She was originally very nervous to return to school after a long absence but is very glad she did. After graduating alongside a small cohort of students and faculty whom she admires, she plans to work in the lower mainland as an Education Assistant. Eventually, Christie hopes to grow her career as a Youth and Family Worker or a Teacher. Christie feels that persistence, positive intentions, and hard work pay off, and will not hesitate to follow her future dreams or ambitions. She looks forward to giving back to the community and creating meaningful experiences for her future students.

Taylor Da Silva, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor’s Degree)

Taylor is graduating from Langara with the highest cumulative grade point average in a bachelor’s degree program. She worked extremely hard to maintain excellent grades, and is gratified to be recognized for her efforts. She feels a great deal of comradery with her entire graduating class. Since finishing her studies, Taylor has begun working in a fast-paced medical unit at St. Paul’s Hospital, where she is pursuing leadership opportunities. She believes that adaptability is one of the most important skills a nursing student needs to thrive. Taylor hopes to eventually complete a master's degree so that she can train the next generation of nurses.

V Jeanneth Jacome, Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Jeanneth is delighted to have been chosen for this award. She believes completing the Bachelor of Business Administration has taught her to juggle many stressful situations simultaneously and effectively. In the near future, she hopes to launch a business in fashion and design. Jeanneth would like to thank her family for their support while she worked to complete her degree. She would like to encourage her fellow graduates to continue to pursue their passions, to find a way to forge a meaningful path, and to try to leave the world in better shape than when they entered it.

Julie Kaufman, Bachelor of Recreation Management

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Julie worked tirelessly to be successful in her studies, while also working full-time and volunteering. She has a strong sense of commitment to the communities she serves, and believes this award is a recognition of that commitment. She would like to thank her family and friends for motivating her during challenging times, and her fellow students for inspiring her to excel and be enthusiastic about her studies. Julie plans on continuing her education and pursuing graduate work so that she can continue to support the community.

Marielle Ann Joy Mauro, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Marielle Ann Joy is honoured to be the recipient of the President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She credits her success to being both resolute and resilient. She feels that these are traits that are critical to tackling future challenges. Marielle Ann Joy hopes to be a nurse who can balance science and compassion, research-based thinking and empathy, and facts with kindness. She would like to extend her sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to her entire family, and to all the friends she made along the way.

Harshbir Singh, Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration

Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Inclusion, Democracy, and Reconciliation &
Lieutenant Governor’s Medal Award for Inclusion, Democracy, and Reconciliation

Harshbir is grateful for all the opportunities he has had throughout his studies, and is proud that he has been able to create an impact that is bigger than himself. He carries fond memories of all the time he spent working with his classmates, especially the group projects that would occasionally extend late into the night. He is thankful for each and every conversation he has had as part of his education. Harshbir plans to go into project management and business development.