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Gerontology is the comprehensive, multidisciplinary study of aging and older adults.

The majority of older persons will want to “age in place” in their own homes and communities. Older persons will require assistance in order to remain physically active, be socially engaged, build “resilience”, and be as healthy and independent as possible in their homes and communities. This means that they will require a range of services in health and wellness, education, recreation, community supports, and advocacy as they navigate the health care and social service systems.

Services will likely be offered through senior centres, community centres, neighbourhood houses, community coalitions, ethno-cultural organizations, indigenous communities, family service agencies as well as hospitals and residential care facilities. Palliative care will increasingly be needed for older people and support will be required for these individuals and their families.

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BC Care Providers:

Exerpts from a recent article on gerontology "Hiring of more seniors’ care workers could be a boon for many" from the BC Care Providers website:

"In February 2017 the B.C. government promised $500 million over four years to fund 1,500 new positions in seniors’ care, including 900 new care aides, in an attempt to ensure that all seniors in care are receiving the 3.36 hours per person per day of recommended staffing care recommended. A report from the Office of the Seniors Advocate in early 2017 indicated that only 10 per cent of seniors in care were receiving that level of care."

“The $500 million was secured, and now we have to hire a lot of people,” says Fontaine. “There will be lots of new jobs; but there will also be lots of retirements.”

In the news:

Adrien Dix, BC Minister of Health has announced that the government is investing $75  million to expand respite care and adult day programs in order to support older persons who are aging in their own homes. This means that families will be able to count on having more professional and paraprofessional supports in their communities. Adult day programs will be expanded around the Province so that older people will stay engaged in social activities and not be isolated. Programs will be designed to meet local needs which means that there are going to be more jobs for people with credentials such as the Diploma in Gerontology at Langara College. Read the announcement here.

For more detailed information about the Diploma in Gerontology, the admission requirements, or the program curriculum, visit the Gerontology program site.

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