Do you enjoy working with people and helping others? Are you interested in a career in social work? Start your journey here at Langara College.

We offer pathways into the workplace in as little as nine months, or to transfer to university to complete an undergraduate degree. 


  • Complete Langara’s 9-month Social Service Worker Certificate program
  • Start work immediately using your new knowledge and skills, and/or
  • Complete another 10 university transfer courses (or transfer in courses from another institution before you complete the certificate) and apply for the Social Service Worker Diploma
  • Apply to any of the Bachelor of Social Work degree-granting institutions in BC for third-year entry (additional admissions requirements may apply)


Whichever option you choose, join us this Fall in the Social Service Worker Certificate program. Register for an information session to get all the details on how you can become a professional in this important field. 

Social Service Worker

Social Service Worker Certificate Program

This program prepares students for immediate entry into all social service sectors, as well as for further education in Social Work and other helping professions. Program participation and employment in the social services field require commitments of physical and emotional energies. Students move through the program together as a cohort. All core Social Service Worker courses are taught by program faculty. This provides a supportive, experiential-learning environment and a personal, professional network both during the program and after its completion. The Certificate Program consists of two semesters of full-time studies. There are two practicum placements, including a five-week, full-time block placement at the end of the second semester. Students who successfully complete the nine-month program earn a Social Service Worker Certificate. The College now requires all students to complete a Criminal Record Check. Please see the admission requirements tab for further information.

Coordinated Social Service Worker Diploma

In addition to a Social Service Worker Certificate, students can also complete a Coordinated Social Service Worker Diploma by adding 30 Arts and Sciences credits to the Certificate. Although enrolment in the SSW Certificate only occurs each Fall term, students can complete the additional 10 courses (30 credits) they need for the diploma as a general arts student in any of Langara's three semesters either before and/or after completing their certificate. Please see the program curriculum tab for more details.  

Interested in learning about Canadian Social Welfare?

These two courses are university-transferable and are open to all students interested in possibly working in human services. These are required courses for a student wishing to apply to a Bachelor of Social Work degree program at a university in BC.

SSRV 2000:  Introduction to Social Welfare in Canada:

This course will introduce students to the role that social work and allied professions play in the ameliorating of the social welfare conditions that affect people and communities. Through course assignments, students will be able to relate the contexts of their own experience to the social contexts of disadvantaged people.

SSRV 2001:  Introduction to Social Work Practice:

While learning about the practice of social work students in this course will have the opportunity to explore a variety of areas of practice within the Canadian context. They will explore the role of a social worker and develop an appreciation of how a helping professional can affect people’s lives. They will also be introduced to the ethical underpinnings of the profession.