This program is endorsed by community stakeholders as illustrated in the following testimonials. 

It is imperative that education remain relevant and one way to do this is to ensure we have comprehensive opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn about social environments that surround us. The field of aging is an example of this opportunity. As the global population ages, there comes tremendous opportunity, but there also emerges potential cultural, economic, and political challenges. Gerontology programs such as this are fundamental to address the information deficit around supporting older adults and the aging process. Congratulations to Langara College for their foresight and leadership in joining other esteemed academic institutions across the world in offering current and prospective students the opportunity to participate in experiential-learning initiatives in the field of aging and social gerontology.

Kahir Lalji
Provincial Director
Healthy Aging
United Way of the Lower Mainland

The proportion of the population aged over 65 is growing. The expectations and needs of older adults evolve as medical advances prolong their lives, as they work more years, and as they play different roles in families and communities. In view of this, there will be increased pressure for services that are attuned to the interests of and changing needs for support among older adults. This in turn means that there will be more employment opportunities for people who know how to respond flexibly to the astonishing variety of seniors in our complex society. For that reason, I support the Gerontology Program at Langara College.

Stuart Alcock
411 Seniors Centre Society