What It Is

Program Review is a systematic process for assessing the quality of Langara’s departments/programs. It consists of a Self-Study, External Review and Action Plan. Reviews are transparent, collaborative, data informed and formative. They build upon previous reviews and guide continuous improvement.

Why We Do It

Program Review is a mechanism for departments/programs to identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement and develop realistic action plans. It is also a requirement of the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB).

Who Is Involved

Program Review at Langara College is faculty driven and Dean led.


What Is Involved


Programs/Departments Scheduled for Review in AY 2021/22:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Diploma in 2D Animation and Digital Art
  3. Diploma in 3D Animation for Game, Film and Visual Effects
  4. Early Childhood Education Community
  5. Peace & Conflict Studies
  6. Photography Creative Arts
  7. Social Services