The success of every student at Langara is our priority. This Student Success Plan is our process to help our students reach their goals and to support their learning journey at snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College.

Here are the key components of this plan:


Goal 1: Knowing our students and enabling our students to be known

We know our students, so we can offer them the programs and services they need to be successful at Langara.

Goal 2: Helping our students to succeed at Langara College

We help our students meet their personal, academic, and career goals, both at Langara and in further educational opportunities, through strategies to enable retention and persistence in their studies.

Goal 3: Preparing our students for their future (beyond Langara)

We develop opportunities to support our students to be successful in their future endeavours.




The Plan has three overarching goals, informed by themes that were generated through extensive employee and student contributions. From these themes, three strategic underpinnings emerged to form the foundation of our Student Success Plan. 

Strategic Underpinnings

Proactive supports

Our initiatives and services empower students to set and achieve their goals – whether academic or personal.


Students and employees share a commitment to community-building through peer support, mentorship, and work related to Indigenization and EDI.


Our students define pathways as opening multiple options for their future.

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