The QA Steering Committee is responsible for providing the Associate Vice-President, Academic with strategic direction and advice in relation to the College’s academic quality assurance standards, policies and procedures.

The Committee will advise on the following:
a) achieving QAPA recommendations successfully;
b) maintaining post-QAPA academic quality assurance throughout the College continually and consistently;
c) preparing the College for its next QAPA.

The Committee may be called upon to review and affirm documents, presentations and other forms of institution-wide communication related to quality assurance.



The size of the QA Steering Committee shall include but is not limited to the following:

  1. AQA Director (Chair) – Sunita Wiebe
  2. Associate Vice President, Academic – Julie Longo
  3. Education Council Chair or designate – Tess MacMillan
  4. Two Academic Deans – Gerda Kraus and Ann Syme
  5. Continuing Studies Dean or designate – Connie Chong
  6. Institutional Research Director or designate – Courtney Fabri
  7. Indigenous Education and Services (IES) Executive Director or designate – Graeme Joseph
  8. Chair, Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC) or designate – Shawna Williams
  9. Registrar or designate -  Arnie Clarke
  10. A Division Chair – Sandra Enns
  11. An Instructional Department Chair – Ryan Cawsey
  12. Administrative support – Roshni Riar

(Effective May 1, 2022 until April 30, 2024)