Update: September 25, 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as changes in the academic leadership at the College, saw the postponement of the academic planning process in the spring of 2020. This process has recently resumed under the leadership of the Interim Vice-President, Academic, Margaret Heldman. The Academic Plan Steering Committee has reconvened and will continue working with the project's consultant.  The data gathered from consultations with the Langara community in November 2019 and January 2020 will be used to inform Langara's Academic Plan.

Update: February 2019

The Academic Plan has been extended to 2020 to allow the Provost & VP Academic and Students to lead the development of the next Academic Plan in conjunction with the new Strategic Plan. This will allow for better integration as both plans roll out together.

To learn more about the successess and progress made in year four of the Academic Plan please reivew the Year Four Academic Plan Update.

Update: June 2014

Message from the Vice President, Academic and Provost:

I am pleased to introduce Langara College’s first Academic Plan, an ambitious, collaborative initiative that will guide much of our work over the next five years. After more than 12 months of discussions with faculty, staff, students, and outside consultants, five academic priorities have been identified that will guide us on our path to becoming Canada’s leading college.

You can access our first Academic Plan here. The Academic Plan is not intended to be a static document. Rather, it is a dynamic framework for ideas and action that will be reviewed, adjusted, and reaffirmed annually. There will be many opportunities for the Langara community to further shape these priorities, to suggest and organize activities that will help us to advance our goals, and to offer feedback on how we are doing.

Although the Academic Plan document is an important step for Langara, the ongoing process of engagement (idea generation, discussion, activity, and recognition) will be just as important. As such, the Academic Planning Committee welcomes your suggestions about implementation. Specifically, within each priority, what activities should we consider going forward? Please email your feedback to academicplan@langara.bc.ca.

The Academic Planning Committee is deeply grateful for your interest, suggestions, and support throughout this process of developing an Academic Plan, and I look forward to continued collaboration with the Langara community as we chart our course towards the next horizon.

- Brad O'Hara

Update: November 2013

Important groundwork for the development of Langara’s first Academic Plan is well underway.  During the month of October, consultant Glenn Harris facilitated and completed 40 group discussions following an open invitation that was extended to all instructors.  Although faculty constituted the vast majority of participants, some staff and students also participated in these discussions.  Individuals who were unable to participate in these meetings could submit, in confidence, written responses to eight questions generated by the Academic Plan Committee directly to the consultant. 

Mr. Harris will return to campus in late November to meet with the Academic Plan Committee to share his perceptions and findings from the group sessions.  In turn, he will share these insights with group discussion participants at yet to be scheduled meetings in early December.

These impressions will be used to identify the academic priorities around which the initial plan will be written.  Initial composition of the plan will commence in early 2014. Drafts of the plan will be shared with the Langara community for comment and feedback. 

It is planned that the final version of the Academic Plan will be submitted to the Education Council in April 2014 and then to the Board of Governors.