Math & Stats Activity Centre

The Math & Stats Activity Centre (MSAC) is a place where students can gather to work on, discuss, and obtain assistance with problems in Mathematics and Statistics. There are books, computers, and other tools for exploration, including reference books and texts. Faculty Tutors and Peer Tutors are on hand to give tutorial assistance. For more information, visit the MSAC page.

Choosing a Course

To help you to choose the correct course for your background and needs, we have developed a step by step How to Choose a Course guide. In many cases the appropriate placement is determined by using our Math Diagnostic Test. Students who recently attended high school in BC may find the answers to their questions in this document, "What Math Course Can I Take At Langara".

Registration Troubleshooting

To help identify and resolve problems you may have when trying to register in a Math or Stats course, check our Registration Troubleshooting guide.

Throughout the registration period, please be sure to check your waitlisted courses regularly -- if you miss an "offer to register" then that space will be given to the next student on the waitlist and you will be dropped from the waitlist. If you will be unable to access the web for some time, then you must find someone to access it for you -- missed offers cannot be re-issued to you.

Registration is a process that requires your timely attention. Check the registration guide and use the dates listed there to check that you are still registered in your courses -- important dates include (1) Tuition Payment Due Date and (2) Final Grades Processed Date. Be sure to pay your tuition by the published date, and be sure to carefully read the information about waitlists.

If you have not managed to get into a Math/Stat course by the end of the first week of classes, then you will not be able to register in a Langara Math/Stat course until the following semester. It may be worth visiting our Math/Stat Student Advisor to discuss alternative ways to achieve your Math/Stat goals."


Melisa Lavallee is the departmental Student Advisor. You may contact her directly for an appointment. 
Office: B154f  | Email:  |  Phone: 604.323.5583  

The Langara Calendar outlines the general procedures for Admissions and Registration.