The Langara College Association of Retirees (LCAR) is now incorporated under the Societies Act of B.C. Please visit LCAR’s new website at


LCAR is a network to which all former faculty, support staff, and administrators who have retired from Langara College are automatically eligible for membership. Although not yet eligible for full membership, Langara “pretirees” are welcome to register with LCAR and access its mailing list and many of its resources.

LCAR was created to help Langara retirees to keep in touch with each other through the pursuit of activities of common interest, and to facilitate retirees’ continued engagement with the College and its students.

LCAR organizes periodic social gatherings and events, as well as educational workshops on topics of interest to retirees and “pretirees.” LCAR members also have access to events, services and advocacy work provided by the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC (COSCO-BC), the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC) and the Association of BC College Pension Plan Retirees (CPPR). Membership benefits include discounts on Langara CS courses.

How much?
There are no annual membership fees; membership in LCAR is free. LCAR is very grateful to Langara College for its generous support and cooperation.

 How? Join LCAR by registering on the LCAR website here.