T4 Access for Former Employees

Former employees should have received new Workday login credentials to their personal email address after their last day of work and can login to Workday using their old computer user id. The limited access to Workday allows these employees to access paystubs and T4s in Workday.

If you are a former employee who is having issues accessing Workday, please submit a IT Support Request. To learn more about Workday access for former employees click here.

Form T2200S Requests

Former employees who worked from home for at least 50% of their work week for four consecutive weeks or more in 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to claim home office expenses on their 2021 tax return. Similar to the 2020 tax year, there are two claim methods available for those that are eligible: Temporary Flat Rate Method and Detailed Method.

Please visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website for further details, including eligibility criteria, a comparison of both methods, eligible expenses, and instructions for claiming the deduction.

It is important to note that it is ultimately your responsibility to determine which method is most beneficial in your personal situation. We encourage you to consult your tax or financial advisor for additional support.

If you are a former employee electing to use the Detailed Method to claim expenses, please email hrpayroll@langara.ca with your first name, last name, Langara employee ID, and personal email address to request your Form T2200S.

Note: Form T2200S will be produced and distributed in batches one per month. 

 Why do I have two T4 Slips?

Langara College has two Canada Revenue Agency accounts related to the management of the Employment Insurance program and is required to provide a separate T4 based on the account we remitted to. This has no impact on your personal income tax return including no change to your income tax refund/balance owing. Please be sure to record both T4s on your personal income tax return.


What is box 40 On my T4?

Box 40 On your T4 is the amount of taxable benefits that you have received. Taxable benefits are specific benefits that have been provided and paid for by Langara College on your behalf. Examples of taxable benefits include Basic Group Life (Sun Life), AD&D, Tuition, and Parking. This amount is also included in your total employment income value reported in Box 14.


Why does Box 14 not match my annual income?

Box 14 includes actual amounts that were paid in the current taxation year which can be different from your annual salary for a variety of reasons. For example, wages are included in the tax year based on when you were paid and not when you earned them. Examples of this includes retroactive pay for the previous calendar year or when the year of the pay period start and end dates are in a different taxation year than the payment dates. Box 14 also includes the amount of any taxable benefits reported in other boxes on your T4.


How do I get a paper copy of my T4?

​Current and former employees have access to their T4s through Workday.  The T4 slip can be viewed and printed from here.


What is the amount in Box 85?

​New for 2021, we are reporting extended health and dental premiums paid by employees in optional Box 85. These qualify as premiums for a private health services plan and are considered a qualifying medical expense. Please consult your tax professional for guidance on whether you meet the criteria to claim this on your income tax return.


What do I do if the address on my T4 does not match my current address?

​Please login into Workday and update your contact information. The address on your T4 will not be updated. You can file the existing T4 with an incorrect address. 


What do I do if the name on my T4 does not match the name on file with the Canada Revenue Agency?

​If your name is incorrect in Workday, please initiate a name change. Please be sure to provide supporting documentation. An amended T4 will not be provided as your information is managed at CRA through your Social Insurance Number. The CRA will contact Langara College if they have any questions and we can confirm the name change. If your name is incorrect with the Canada Revenue Agency, please go to the CRA website here for more information