The Education Assistant department began in 1967 as a way to prepare non-teachers to work in schools to do educationally related work. By 1987, there were around 1100 education assistants in the province and now there are well over ten times that number. We have graduated over 1100 education assistants here at Langara.

There are three dedicated faculty in this department. We have been variously involved with the British Columbia Association for Community Living, have published, and are active in the community. We are all committed to tying theory to practice. Each of the faculty has taught in the public schools supporting children with special needs, and each has supervised Education Assistants working in schools. We deeply value the practical component we offer students.

We believe that full inclusion in the schools offers a rich learning environment for all children. We also believe that an effective learning process begins by identifying learning outcomes that focus the activities of learning and the evaluation of learning on student performance.