Yvan Morissette Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5448
Office: A167m
Email: ymorissette@langara.ca

Yvan has been a regular faculty member of Design Formation ever since joining the program in 2012.  He brings to the classroom over 20 years of experience designing sets and lights for the Performing Arts and Events industry, and is still an active professional in the field.  During that time, he’s designed well over 100 productions, both locally and across the country, including many award winning projects.  He’s also worked with students as a Production Design consultant and Sets Coordinator for the Film Arts program at Langara College, as a Set Design mentor for the Bachelor of Performing Arts at Capilano University, and teaching Set Design for Studio 58 at Langara College.  His hands on approach to design is an integral part of his success and his teaching, and is fully integrated within the classroom and design process.

Peter Vysek Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5142
Email: pvysek@langara.ca

Peter joined the Design Formation team in 2013 and has been instrumental to the ever increasing digital design integration in the courses he teaches by evolving projects to best prepare students for current industry demands. Well versed in the latest software and technology from 3D modeling to CNC machinery, he incorporates the latest technology in the classroom.

He values growth; in the individual, the students, the program and his colleagues and brings a passion and can-do attitude to everything he takes on. He wants to see you succeed.

With over 10 years post secondary design education and 20 years of design and construction project management experience from large government projects to smaller public and private design projects he shares his wealth of knowledge, passion and hands on approach in his teaching.

Scot Geib Department Chair

Email: sgeib@langara.ca

Scot is a regular faculty member of Design Formation. Scot's teaching experience spans over a decade where he's taught at Emily Carr University and Western Washington University before arriving at Langara in 2009. He has taught courses ranging from communication design to interior design to exhibit design. One thing Scot particularly values in the Design Formation Program is the tightly integrated nature of the curriculum. Scot's approach to teaching places extra emphasis on helping students understand and apply conceptual frameworks to their design process. In addition to teaching, Scot is a founding member and associate at PUBLIC Architecture & Communication, an award winning design firm based in Vancouver. Scot's professional practice focuses on museum exhibit and environmental graphic design.

Laura Killam Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5305
Office: A118l
Email: lkillam@langara.ca

Laura joined Design Formation as a part-time faculty member in the winter term of 2016. With multi-disciplinary experience as an architect, exhibition designer, and film set designer, Laura brings an expertise in creating innovative spatial environments to the classroom. Laura's aim is to help students apply the idea that exhibits tells stories in physical space. With many years of both design and production experience, Laura enjoys supporting the students' process in realizing an idea from concept to built form. In addition to teaching, Laura works as an architect at PUBLIC Architecture & Communication, and award-winning design firm based in Vancouver. Prior to joining the team at PUBLIC, Laura was the Head of Exhibit Production at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, and worked as both an architect and exhibit designer for Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. 

Marcela Noriega Assistant Chair

Email: mnoriega@langara.ca

Marcela joined the program in 2009 and has been a regular faculty member since that time. Her experience spans for 25 years, teaching a wide range of topics in graphic design including branding and visual identity, advertising, editorial design, typography, marketing communications, colour theory and visual perception. She has taught in undergraduate and graduate programs in different institutions in Canada, and her native Mexico. She was creative director and owner of a design studio in Mexico City and works as freelance in Vancouver focusing on branding, visual identity, packaging and editorial design projects. Marcela thrives on the challenge of meeting the learning needs of students from various backgrounds and levels and focusing on teaching design process by developing projects from ideation to production. Marcela has been the Chair of the Design Formation program since 2013.

Kevin Smith Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5305
Office: A118l
Email: ksmith@langara.ca

Kevin joined the program in 2006 as regular faculty, prior to it's evolution into the Design Formation Program. Having a career in the field of Retail Visual Presentation and Events Design for close to 35 years, he has worked for leading retailers presenting everything from haute couture to interior design. Kevin continues his work in retail and merchandise display, store planning as well as curatorial design on museum fashion exhibitions. Critical thinking, visual storytelling as well as traditional prop building techniques are the cornerstones to his teaching technique

Anne Ahmad-Burnett Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5142
Office: A118o
Email: aahmad@langara.ca

Terry Van Roon Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5436
Office: A241a
Email: tvanroon@langara.bc.ca

Terry joined the Design Formation team a few years ago. His graphic design career spans 30+ years. Terry loves being with other learners so started teaching part-time in post secondary institutions 10+ years ago. He now teaches in two other programs at Langara in order to teach the subjects he loves the most. Though he specializes in graphic design and typography he utilizes his skills in many other areas of design. Terry values a life of learning and continually adapts to the changing industry and technology trends. He loves teaching the practical hands-on application of design and is constantly balancing the tension between form and function.

Giuseppe Gallaccio Workshop Attendant

Phone: 604.323.5306
Office: A101e
Email: ggallaccio@langara.ca