Community Impact

Community Impact

As an open access, affordable, public institution, Langara College has a significant positive impact on our students, our local economy, and the planet.


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 2020

Review how LANGARA College (Langara) creates a significant positive impact on the business community and generates a return on investment to its major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society.


Fact Sheet 2020

Review the Economic Value of Langara College (Langara) in our community and generates a return on investment to its major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society. Presented by EMSI.



Students are the heart of our institution, and providing them with accessible, affordable, high-quality education that moves them forward on their path to further education or a career is our goal. With one of the lowest per credit tuition fees in Metro Vancouver at $101.41, we provide remarkable value to students and their families. For every $1 in tuition diploma students invest, they can expect to receive $1.50 back in higher lifetime earnings; even more if they complete one of our bachelor's degree programs.

While earning their credentials, many of our students also give back to the local community. In the past ten years 4,468 of our amazing students contributed 83,560 volunteer hours to local non-profits, including the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Canadian Red Cross, neighborhood clean-up efforts, and more.

Our alumni go on to successful careers, creating $751.5 million in added income in the region.

The Langara College Foundation raises funds to support students and important College initiatives. With the help of generous donors, between 2017-2019, Langara distributed more than $4 million in bursaries and scholarships to our students.

Students by the numbers

Economic Impact

Langara adds a total of $966 million in added income to our regional economy, through the spending of our alumni, students, and the organization. That impact is equivalent to 11,729 jobs.

For every dollar invested in Langara, taxpayers gain $3.10 in added tax revenues and public sector savings. For that same dollar, society receives $8.70 in added provincial revenues and social savings.

We provide these economic benefits to our region, despite receiving one of the smallest operating grants per student FTE in the system and charging one of the lowest per credit tuition fees in the region.



The Langara College Apiary

Langara is proud to be a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Since 2009/10 we have reduced our carbon emissions per square foot by 45%. The campus is home to four LEED Gold Certified Buildings, 38 solar panels, 16 electric vehicle charging stations, and more than 20 water fill stations that have already saved the equivalent of 2.2 million plastic water bottles.