Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

The Curriculum Review Committee is charged with ensuring curriculum development and renewal are consistent with the College’s academic quality standards, Strategic and Academic Plans, approved processes, and undertaken in full compliance with educational policies and legislative requirements of the College & Institute Act.

Committee Chair: Tess MacMillan


  • Natalia Azize (Teaching and Curriculum Development)
  • Darren Bernaerdt (Academic Dean)
  • Mono Brown (Faculty: Arts)
  • Earl Einarson (Indigenous Education and Services)
  • Chantal Faucher (Faculty: Social Sciences & Community)
  • Baljit Khun-Khun (Faculty: Nursing)
  • Angelica Lillico-Ouachour (Support Staff)
  • Tess MacMillan (Education Council Chair)
  • Bernard Maroney (Faculty: Management)
  • Mario Moniz de Sá (Faculty: Science)
  • Phuoi-Linh To (Continuing Studies)
  • Pauline Vallee (Associate Registrar)
  • Carolyn Wing (Centre for Intercultural Engagement)

CRC Terms of Reference 

CRC Election Procedures

Graduation Advisory Committe (GAC)

The Graduation Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean and Registrar. The Commitee is responsible for reviewing and advising on: curricular course and program exemptions and substitutions and program time limit exemptions.


  • Patricia Aroca-Ouellette
  • Spencer Dane
  • Melissa Roberts
  • Sanrda Enns
  • Nora Franzova
  • Marianne Gianacopoulos
  • Tess MacMillan
  • Wanda Pierson

GAC Terms of Reference + Guidelines