Education Council Membership (ref: 15 (1) College and Institute Act)
Elections conducted by Registrar
Members are elected for a 2 year term, except students whose term is one year
EdCo Composition (May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2025)  
20 voting members: 

10 faculty
Antonella Alves [Faculty: Management] (EdCo Vice-Chair)
Patricia Aroca-Ouellette [at large; Chemistry]
Spencer Dane [at large; Creative Arts/Financial Mgmt]
Sandra Enns [Faculty: Social Science & Community Programs]
Nora Franzova [Faculty: Science]
Brent Kennedy [at large; Business Technology Management]
Vacant [at large] 
Tess MacMillan [Faculty: Arts] (EdCo Chair)
James Nickason [Counselling]
Wanda Pierson [Faculty: Nursing]

2 support staff
Vanessa Brown [Library]
Qiyamah Li [Registrar & Enrolment Services]

4 students 
Sam Bawa (Mar/24-Feb/25)
Garibul Singh (Mar/24-Feb/25)
Ankit Choudhary (Oct/23-Sep/24)
Sukhmeet Singh (Oct/23-Sep/24)

4 educational administrators
Gerda Krause [Dean, Faculty of Science]
Pouyan Mahboubi [Provost and Vice-President, Academic]
Ann Syme [Dean, Faculty of Nursing]
Sunita Wiebe [Director, Academic Quality Assurance]

Paula Burns [President] (ex-officio)


Patty Aroca-Ouellette [Chair, Curriculum Review Committee]
Connie Chong [Dean, Continuing Studies]
Arnold Clark [Registrar]
Dwayne Ford [Assistant Registrar]
Pauline Vallee [Associate Registrar]
Debbie Schachter [Associate VP, Students]
Allison Sullivan [Library]


Education Council Chair
Tess MacMillan
Division Chair, Humanities
(604) 323-5391

Education Council Vice-Chair
Antonella Alves
Instructor, Business Management and International Business
(604) 323-5848

Education Council Secretary
Susan Smith
Department Assistant, EdCo
(604) 323-5412