Our 3-Year Plan Summary

Our initial plan is a framework to enable Langara College to begin the work of creating the mechanisms for gathering information about barriers, prioritizing barriers to be addressed, and enabling processes to reduce and eliminate those barriers. This initial framework will develop over time to incorporate the specific requirements of each accessibility standard, as they are released by the government.

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If you require the document in an alternative format, please email access.concerns@langara.ca.

Priority #1

Develop the College’s first Accessibility Committee and initial Accessibility Plan, focusing on feedback and communications mechanisms.

Priority #2

Create processes for identifying baseline information on barriers: Conduct an annual survey to community members and service/departmental audit to gather information about barriers.

Priority #3

Prioritize barriers to be addressed from survey and audit, and identify mechanisms through ELT approval to address the specific areas of concern.

Priority #4

Update the Accessibility Plan at least annually to incorporate responses to new Accessibility Standards as they are enacted by the B.C. Government.


Monitoring and Evaluating


The College commits to producing a monitoring report on an annual basis to be delivered at the first accessibility committee meeting of each fiscal year. This report will identify the progress toward removing barriers to access and inclusion, based on the initial baselines identified through the institutional accessibility survey and service/departmental audits.





The College will conduct a review and evaluation of the Accessibility Plan every three years from adoption, with the plan updated in interim years to respond to Accessibility Standards (B.C. Government regulations) as they are enacted. Upon approval by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), this plan will be distributed to the Langara community and made public on the College’s website.



While the expression ‘this is only the beginning’ may be a cliché, it certainly applies to the work of the Langara College Accessibility Plan, and the evolution in our college towards removing all systemic barriers to access and inclusion. Due to the short timeline legislated for our development of our first Accessibility Plan, and the expected additional Accessibility Standards to be released over the coming years, this plan is only the first iteration of the important work that we commit to address over time.