Actions Planned

College Accessibility Processes

  • Develop a workflow for receiving, responding to, and actioning barriers identified through the annual survey, feedback mechanisms, and accessibility audits.
  • Launch feedback mechanisms.
  • Launch annual survey in the fall of 2023.
  • Undertake accessibility audits across the College in the fall of 2023.

Built Environment / Facilities

  • Facilities has completed a high-level assessment for the Child Development Centre (daycare). Powered door openers will be installed and there are plans to apply for additional funding to improve accessibility.
  • Non-accessible door handles and light switches will be replaced with lever door handles and flat panel light switches.
  • Installation of wheelchair accessible sinks with motion sensor faucets in the cafeteria and RMT classrooms.
  • Installation of automatic door openers in the T Building washrooms.

Teaching and Learning

Promote accessibility and UDL through the continuing work of the UDL working group including learning sessions for members of the Accessibility Committee, to offer regular, college-wide workshops through EdTech and TCDC, and enhance accessibility resources on the Ed Tech and TCDC webpages.

Communications and Marketing

Langara College will take action to ensure that it presents information and communications accessible to persons with disabilities, starting with implementing accessibility solutions to problems already identified, including:

What We Have Found

Although we have identified several accessibility issues with our current Langara communications ecosystem, we lack a comprehensive understanding of the barriers facing persons with disabilities when engaging with communication and information from Langara.

The Langara brand needs updating to eliminate problems related to accessibility that were not considered when the brand guidelines were originally created.

The Langara web presence needs updating to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA accessibility standards.

Langara print materials, video, digital signage, social media, and advertising must be updated to meet AA accessibility standards.

Intended Actions

  • Identify the accessibility barriers with the college’s communications and marketing ecosystem, using external and internal research and usability testing.
  • Identify the cost of implementing American Sign Language (ASL) in digital media communication.
  • Revise and expand our Langara brand colour palettes.
  • Redesign Langara websites/webpages to ensure they meet The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, level AA.
  • Review, streamline, and update information about Langara programs, courses, and services, including reformatting and updating content to plain language.
  • Ensure webpages, images, and digital PDFs (portable digital documents) are accessible to any screen reader.
  • Optimize web performance as a best practice to ensure accessibility to users without high-speed Internet.
  • Ensure our communications and marketing materials are designed and written to support AA accessibility standards.
  • Include closed captioning on videos.