Langara’s Mathematics and Statistics Department prides itself in providing outstanding support and encouragement to students at any skill level in mathematics and statistics in preparation for their Langara courses and for further studies at university. Our department boasts well-qualified and dedicated faculty in areas such as Pure and Applied Mathematics, Business Mathematics, and Statistics.

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Besides providing quality instruction, the Department runs a Mathematics and Statistics Activity Centre, a space for students to do math and stats, either individually or collaboratively, in a setting that is inviting and supportive. Drop-in tutorial help is provided by peer tutors and faculty. The Centre has many resources including computers, books (such as course texts and other reference texts), and posters.

The Department also contributes to the life of the College by participating in events such as Survivor Langara, Open House, PI Day, High School Science Fair, Statistics Poster Exhibition, and in 2010-2011, Year of Science BC events. Our faculty also make frequent contributions to the community by hosting a BC Secondary School Math Contest (with exciting prizes) and by regularly presenting in the Langara Lecture Series. Another engaging community event is the Math Fair, presented every semester by students in our Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (Math 1190) course.

"The Langara College Math/Stat Department is the choice for an excellent and
comprehensive education in a supportive learning environment."

math/stats activity centre