Sep 27, 2016

Advising Options

Are you aware that students enrolled in a Langara School of Management program can take advantage of advising services offered by the Langara School of Management Advising team? We are available throughout the week for one-on-one advising appointments (prior booking required) or you can attend during our Walk-In Advising sessions that are posted on our doors or on the website. We are your first point of contact for the department for a variety of needs and issues, including course planning, program advice, pre-requisites issues, switching programs, and many more. Feel free to come to our office to book an appointment or ask a question. We are located in B253Q and B253P or can be contacted at 604-323-5255 or


Thinking about switching business programs?

If you would like to switch concentrations within the same credential type (ex. Diploma in Business Management to Diploma in Marketing Management; or BBA: Accounting to BBA: Business Management), you may submit your request in an email to  Please include your full name, Langara ID, and a sentence requesting the change from your current program to the new program.  The deadline to submit this request for the Spring 2017 term is October 15, 2016 at 2:00pm.  If you would like to switch from a business Diploma program to the BBA program, you will need to submit a new application at the Registrar’s Office or online through myLangara (deadline for Spring 2017: 31 October).


Do you qualify for BBA Upper Division Status?

BBA Upper Division students register one day before BBA Lower Division students.  BBA Lower Division (Term L) students who are eligible to progress to Upper Division (Term U) must complete the "Upper Division Progression Request" form available online. If you have completed all of the requirements for progression into Upper Division, please complete the online form and email it to The deadline to submit this form for changes to the Spring 2017 registration period is October 15, 2016 2:00pm. If you have already submitted the request form this term, you do not need to resubmit it.

In order to progress to Upper Division, students must:

  1. have completed a minimum of 60 credits;
  2. have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.33;
  3. have completed all bridging courses for their concentration with a "C" grade or higher.

Courses that are not complete (in progress) cannot be used to meet the above requirements. Please note that we do not make any exceptions to this rule. If you need assistance or have questions, please email the LSM Advising team at or check our drop-in advising schedule.

BBA Program Maintenance of Standing

BBA Program students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.33 to continue in the third and the fourth years of the BBA. Students unable to attain this minimum will not be permitted to advance. Furthermore, students must achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.33 and a minimum 'C' grade in all core business-related third- and fourth-year courses (BCAP, BUSM, FMGT, INTB, or MARK courses numbered 3xxx or 4xxx) in order to graduate.


New Courses for Spring 2017


BUSM 3500 – Business Competitions

This course will prepare you to compete in internal, regional and national business competitions. You will learn about all functional areas of business: Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Marketing. You will gain a deeper understanding of your own personal strengths and communication styles. You will form teams and enter business simulation and business case competitions. You will learn to formulate a corporate business strategy, make decisions and interact as executive leaders running a company under competitive pressure. You will also develop your professional communication and presentation skills as you will regularly report to your Board of Directors and get used to answering tough questions.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum of 30 credits including six credits of university-transferable English or Communications with a minimum "C" grade; one of FMGT 1116, 2293, or 1215; and MARK 1115.


BUSM 4195 – Experiential Leadership (Special Topics in Business)

This course is focused on the experiential development of each student in becoming a more powerful and effective leader. Emphasis is on leadership of organization initiatives and guiding change in businesses, not-for-profit organizations and social change environments. Students will be working with a selection of the most widely used theories and models of leadership. Each class is a highly experiential learning “lab” with a significant focus on self-discovery with respect to personality, individual psychology, beliefs and values. A key component of the course is a rigorous and thorough work-through of each student’s aspirations and direction in life as a leader, known as the Primary Intention Leader Project. Interwoven are Leadership topics such as communication, followership, power, ethics, and multi-cultural influences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The priority of this course is the personal development of each student as it relates to leadership. To succeed in this course, you need to be willing to explore deeper aspects of who you are as a person (as well as your ongoing personal process), and then to share this with your fellow students during class activities as well as privately with the weekly Learning Journal. We support this through regular personal reflection, interactive activities that bring out our strengths and challenges, and a selection of leadership and personal assessments. In this way students have a much greater opportunity to truly grow as leaders.

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of 54 credits


MARK 2200 – Marketing Communications Design

This introductory computer course introduces the student to current design software with an emphasis on acquiring entry level abilities to combine text, graphics and photos to create promotional assets. The course is project based and will be conducted in the lab with lectures and a focus on practical assignments.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum 'C' in MARK 1115 and CMNS 1118. MARK 2400 Recommended.


Field School Opportunities


London Field School (Feb 9-19, 2017)

Hosted in part by the University of Greenwich, this 3 credit field school to London, England will immerse Langara College students into London’s eclectic and vibrant culture as seen through the lives, activities and experiences of everyday Londoners. This course is hosted by Capilano University with full transfer credit to Langara. The application deadline is October 28, 2016.

Preference is given to Year 3 or 4 BBA students however all business students are welcome to apply.


China Field Studies

The China Field Study Program offers an excellent opportunity for students to experience first-hand the business and historical aspects of China - the second largest economy in the world. You will acquire knowledge through experiential learning by visiting cultural sites and local businesses. Up to 6 credits are offered for INTB 2000 (Introduction to International Business) and ASIA 1225 (Contemporary China), both of which are university transferable.  Watch out for more info to come in late fall. 


Repeat Limits

All BCAP, BUSM, FMGT, INTB and MARK courses have a repeat limit of two. If you have registered* in any of these courses two or more times, you need permission to register again:

  • For all 1XXX and 2XXX courses, request a registration override from the School of Management. You can do this by emailing Provide your first and last name, your Langara ID number, and the course that you wish to repeat. Provide the course name and number (ex. MARK 1115), not the CRN.
  • For all 3XXX and 4XXX, fill out this form and send to Each request will be evaluated on an individual basis.

*If you registered and then dropped the course (i.e. it does not appear on your transcript) it does not count. However, if you registered and then withdrew from the course (i.e. it appears on your transcript with a 'W'), then it does count towards the limit.


Langara School of Management Advising Team