Jul 6, 2015

Build your business "chops" with Business Competitions! Whether you're already working or plan on working, this course will help you build a serious business brain.

Business Competitions are like taking your brain to a business "gym" with great trainers. These competitions are based on real companies and case studies. It feels like a game, it's fun, and you get to learn great business practices!

This course will help you build your business acumen while having fun in a positive collegiate team atmosphere. It will strengthen the skills you've learned along with presenting opportunities to learn business wisdom and hands-on experience. You try to stay fit, but it's hard to build business "muscles". Business competitions are based on real-world businesses and case studies, it might seem like harmless fun, but it's building serious business brawn.

Each team member gets to try on the hat of a CEO, CFO, or other senior level business role. Then, every student will be given opportunities to explore, learn, and try methodologies that enhance and build upon the business courses already taken, or may even help with courses that you plan to take. This course will not only build your business skills, it will help you build confidence and perhaps make some new friends. This course can take you places - literally. If successful, you may be asked to be on one of the Langara College Competitions Teams. These teams travel throughout BC and compete in business competitions. The Langara Competition Teams have recently won several awards, including the Top Junior Team at the Western Canadian Business Competition recently, as well as individual awards for the top Junior CEO, Junior COO and Senior CFO. Try something new, learn something useful, and have fun doing it - that's what Business Competitions are all about.

Your trainers (AKA instructors) are experienced business professionals who have held senior roles in companies and want to share their knowledge and expertise with you. It is an opportunity that no business student should miss.

But don't take our word on it, here are some student comments about the course:

"I enjoyed the feedback from the judges. Every case and simulation provided new knowledge, and the judges gave lots of great feedback for us as students to do even better. The skills in this course are very beneficial in the real world, and having representatives of the real world tell us how to improve was awesome."

"I liked working closely with new people and experiencing group dynamics in different situations."

"What a fantastic course, I think I learned more about real life business in this course than I have in any other course. Loved the fact that the students got to do their own thing for the simulation and the cases, and they were judged on their opinion. Having external judges helped my presentation skills get to the next level."

"The learning outcomes are worth it. One of the most useful and applied classes I have taken."

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact Danielle Rockel at drockel@langara.bc.ca or Don Hill at dhill@langara.bc.ca.