BBA and Diploma Student Orientation Recorded

Spring 2024 & Onward. Please refer to the link below to acess the video: 

Ensure you watch it before classes begin. All LSM BBA and Diploma students will be responsible for being aware of the information included in the orientation video. 

Student Graduation Evaluation Tool 

BBA students are encouraged to use the Student Graduation Evaluation Tool in myLangara to check their degree progress. This tool gives an overview of your program's graduation requirements, and shows how your previously completed/currently registered courses can slot in to meet these requirements. While it is only an unofficial graduation evaluation, it is a great way to get an overview of your program's graduation requirements and figure out which courses you have left to complete. Students who have questions about how their courses are slotting in the grad eval can contact the Langara graduation department ( for clarification. Students can also contact business program advising ( for assistance planning their courses. 

Diploma students are also encouraged to use the Student Graduation Evaluation Tool for their course planning, along with the diploma course planning guides produced by business program advising. The most recent version of these guides will be posted here each term. Please remember that students are responsible for completing the program requirements in effect as of their first term in the program (also known as a catalogue term). If you're not sure what your catalogue term is, you can contact the graduation department ( to inquire. 

Diploma Course Planning Guides

Please refer to BBA and Diploma FAQ page for more program-related information.