These FAQs are specific to LSM PDD students.

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General Questions

The PDD is a cohort-based program and students are required to follow a specific course sequencing. Please review the PDD program course structure carefully. It lists all of the required courses and the order in which to take them in. NOTE: Students who take courses out of order may be removed from the course(s). Students who fail to follow the program structure may risk having future scheduling conflicts and might need to take more courses in a term in order to get back on track or to maintain the full-time status. 

Before registration begins, students will receive an email regarding registration and course schedules. It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of the information included in the email and to monitor their myLangara account/email daily throughout the registration period for registration updates. Students must complete their registration before classes begin and are not eligible for LateRegistration Overrides. 

Students are advised not to waitlist for a course if: 

  • There is a seat available in a different section of the same course that does not conflict with your other registered courses. 
  • Sometimes, this may involve re-arranging courses you have already registered in. 

Note: We understand that students may have preferred class days/times for a variety of important reasons such as employment or childcare. Due to fairness to all students, the department cannot accommodate a student’s preferred schedule. 

Some sections of PDD courses are restricted to certain PDD courses. Please refer to the PDD Course Restrictions by program PDF on the PDD Important Information page at 

When students need to take extra courses to maintain full-time status, they must choose undergraduate level courses. Popular options include subjects that will supplement their PDD studies, such as BCAP 1200, BUSM 1500. Students may also choose from the Arts and Science subjects. NOTE: International students are encouraged to consult with an ISC regarding how being part-time may or may not affect your student status or your future PGWP eligibility. 

Switching from one PDD program to another is not a ‘simple’ switch in that our PDD programs tend to be full. Students who request to switch should except to wait one or two terms for a space to become available.  

If you are considering switching to an undergrad program, we strongly recommend reaching out to a graduation advisor to confirm how your completed PDD courses may or may not apply to your new program. If you are an international student, ensure that you consult with your ISC.  
There are no scheduled breaks in the PDD programs. 
For PDD AC students who wish to complete the COOP option and complete the program in 7 terms, please consult with a Program Advisor for more information before you register for Term 2 courses.  
As the PDD programs are cohort-based, transfer credits do not apply. Students are required to complete the PDD courses within the PDD program. NOTE: Langara undergraduate level courses cannot be used to meet PDD required courses.    
A minimum “C” grade is required for prerequisite and graduation purposes. If you receive below a “C” grade, you will need to repeat that course. Please refer to the program structure to course plan for your future semester. Please consult with a program advisor. NOTE: Students who repeat a course will be considered off track (taking courses out of order). Students who are “off track” from the program curriculum may encounter scheduling conflicts in future terms.  

Students needing to take the same course a third time may be requested to meet with a Program Advisor to request a repeat limit override.  

To request a repeat limit override, students must email and provide: 

  • your first and last name; 
  • your Langara ID number; 
  • the course name and number (ex. BUSM 4800) that you wish to repeat; 
  • a brief explanation for the request. 

Notes: Repeat limit override requests are not guaranteed to be approved, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Repeating a course means that you will be required to pay for the course a second time. 

When a School of Management PDD student returns to the college following suspension, they are not automatically placed back into their original limited-enrollment program. Rather, they will return to studies in an open-enrollment arts and science program. Students must successfully complete at least one full term of study before they will be considered for reinstatement to their old School of Management program. 


A term will be considered successfully completed if the student has: 


  • registered in business-related courses 
  • maintained a full-time course load, and 
  • achieved minimum “C” grades in each course (or “S” grades in ungraded prerequisite courses) 


The department will use these criteria to determine if a student is academically prepared to succeed in their intended program of study. 


A student who meets these criteria can email business@langara.caonce final grades have been posted to their myLangara transcript at the end of their first term back at the college. If approved for reinstatement, the department will return the student to their original program for the next registration period. This means that students who pursue reinstatement to their old program following academic suspension must be prepared to spend a minimum of two terms in an open enrollment arts and science program.  

In order to graduate from the PDD program, students must achieve a minimum ‘C’ grade in all required courses and have a minimum Program Grade Point Average (PGPA) of 2.33.  
A PGPA only calculates the most recent attempt. For example, if a student repeats a course, only the most recent grade will count towards their PGPA. 
To find your PGPA, multiply the letter grade point equivalent for all Langara courses on your transcript by the number of credits granted for all courses. Then add up these figures for all courses and divide the total by the total of credits for all courses you have attempted, not including courses resulting in ‘S’, ‘SR’, ‘U’ or ‘W’. Please refer to the Grade and Grade Point Average chart on the next page. If you repeat a course, only the more recent grade will be used in the calculation of your PGPA; however, the original grade(s) will remain on your transcript. 
A CGPA is what appears on your transcript. It includes all attempted Langara courses. A PGPA will never appear on a transcript, it will be manually calculated by the grad department when you apply for graduation.