The Award is to be made to a Langara College student who meets the following criteria: 

  • Registered full time (9 credits or more) and has achieved one of the following:
    • Minimum of 60 credits in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program
    • Minimum of 29 credits in an LSM post-degree diploma program
  • Minimum CGPA 2.5
  • Application will be made to the awards committee by a student who demonstrates integrity, ingenuity and innovation in applying technology to benefit, or potentially benefit, a business or organization
  • Group work will not be considered 

Students applying for this award must submit a project or assignment completed as part of their LSM program course work or Co-operative Education work term responsibilities. The application should include a full description of the project, the problem, solution and benefits, using any appropriate media format.

The applicant must provide the name, title, company name and contact info for at least one, and up to three, references (e.g. faculty member, employer, etc.) who can verify the project and solution are solely developed by the applicant.

The applicant’s project including the problem, solution and explanation will be evaluated for:

  • Integrity: solely the applicant’s work not copied from the web or other sources
  • Innovation: a solution to a problem/challenge involving, in some part, the use of technology and a significant improvement over old/previous methods
  • Ingenuity: solving the problem in an imaginative or unique way
  • Benefits: are the benefits realistic and achievable? (or achieved, if the solution has been implemented) Are the benefits actually of help to a business or organization? How?
  • Complexity, completeness of solution: does the solution completely solve the problem/address the challenge?
  • Communication technique and clarity: how the project is presented and explained, ability to identify and succinctly describe the problem/challenge, solution and benefits

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