The Langara School of Management has the following College sanctioned associated Student Clubs. The faculty and leadership team do not run these clubs as they are entirely student-driven. 

Please contact the club directly for information to learn more, join, donate, or sponsorship opportunities. 

Note: These clubs are not a part of the administration nor employees of Langara College. Students belonging to these student clubs do not and have not been given any authority within the College for purchasing or other arrangements on behalf of the College. Any commercial presence on College properties must be obtained by the College's Facilities Department in writing.

To support our members in pursuing an accounting career by helping them become well rounded people. The Langara Accounting Club (LAC) accomplishes this by

  • Providing fellowship opportunities for Langara students interested in accounting and creating a supportive community
  • Providing information about and maintaining close ties with the Canadian accounting designation
  • Advising members interested in pursuing a career in accounting
  • Creating opportunities to connect with potential employers
  • Encouraging community volunteering
  • Encouraging personal development beyond accounting

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The Digital Media Marketing Club wants to introduce digital media to Langara students in a professional way, showing them different perspectives for careers by offering seminars, training, workshops and meetings.

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DMM Leadership Members:

  • Jaspreet Singh – President
  • Manpreetkaur A. Pabla – Communications
  • Soniya Nanagir Gosavi – Events
  • Vynelan Majell Dcosta – Graphic Design & Video Production
  • Sukhpreet Singh – Social Media
  • Abhinav Malhotra – Content

The Langara HR Professionals Club’s goal is to introduce Human Resources (HR) as a professional career choice to students by presenting different HR career perspectives, promoting collaboration, and offering relevant learning and networking opportunities. These opportunities include workshops, seminars, and industry meetings.

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Project In Motion Club

The Langara Management in Motion Club, a.k.a "Management in Motion" of simply "LMMC" is a club geared towards the operational aspects of business and connecting students to each other and to industry contacts in the field. Members will benefit by participating in projects while networking and developing a multitude of skills.

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LMMC Leadership Members

  • Henrik Braga - President
  • Mohit Verma - Vice President (Co-President)
  • Rupinder Kaur - VP Social Media
  • Abhinav Gupta - VP Marketing
  • Noman Nalband - VP Engagement
  • Suhkman Kaur - Co Coordinator Social Media
  • Susanne Rodrigues - Co Coordinator Marketing

Project Management Club

The Project Management Club (PMC) is designed to support the Langara community by being a source of project management knowledge, support professional development, provide hands-on opportunities for students to take initiatives and implement their knowledge, collaborate on internal projects and provide network opportunities with project management leaders from different industries.

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PMC Leadership Members

  • Jaisveen Kaur - President
  • Doaa Thabet - Vice President
  • Camila Yuri Itchikawa - Executive Assistant
  • Manisha Kashyap - Marketing Director
  • Vo Hieu Linh - Partnership Director
  • Phoebe Alonzo - Engagement Director
  • Ashima Rana - Communications Director
  • Alejandro P. Tapia - Finance Director

The LBA aims to engage business students on campus through networking and educational activities that foster a culture of community.

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Through mock case competitions and skill development workshops, Langara School of Management Consulting Club aims to provide mentorship to Langara students for real-life business consulting skills in all areas of business. The club was created to increase participation in internal and external business case competitions and also to provide a space for striving Langara students to network with each other. We encourage non-business students to also participate as knowledge in other domains of study will make recommendations more diverse and unique to address complex real-world problems.

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