Jun 13, 2022


Dear Graduate, 

As another academic year finishes, this one will be your most memorable. Langara Faculty of Management wishes to celebrate you, your success, and this important milestone in your academic journey. 

Each graduating class leaves an impact on the College, and this year is no different. Many of you have faced uncertainty these past couple of years, and yet, you have demonstrated your strength and resiliency by continuing to further your education at Langara College. 

The class of 2022 has shown great courage and determination, and as you cross the stage, we wish you to take that grit wherever your path takes you. Cherish every moment knowing that all the hard days and long nights were well worth it. Take this time to honour this personal milestone and know that we are here celebrating with you. 

The Langara Faculty of Management wishes to welcome you to our alumni family, and we want to continue seeing your growth. Remember that you will always have a home at Langara. We are proud to see the leaders, role models, and community builders you have become and continue to grow into. 

Wishing you all the best in your future success, 

Langara Faculty of Management Faculty & Staff 

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