Jun 10, 2022

Volunteers, guest speakers, employers, mentors, donors. Langara alumni continue to support our students everyday including over 50 from the Faculty of Management.

Victor-Zeefried.jpgVictor Zeefried, alumni from the Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration (2017) came back to Langara as a guest speaker for Career Talks. He felt that supporting students who came after him would make a difference as others have done before him.

A piece of advice that Victor would love to share for our 2022 graduates is "Put yourself out there, communicate, and create friendships and contacts in and out of your work environment whenever possible, you never know where these relationships will help you in your life and in your career”.

When asked about who he would like to pass his gratitude to, Victor remembered Jennifer Reid, instructor from the Co-op and Career Development Center, who helped him move into the Canadian work environment.

Emily-Chan.jpgFor Emily Chan, grad of the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business (2015) speaking at the Alumni Talks was a great opportunity to reconnect. “Langara has spurred many fond memories, experiences, and friendships, so I have always been inclined to give back to a community that was instrumental to my development. For me, Langara was a very safe space to be a student and grow as a young adult.”

An insight that Emily would like to share with new alumni is to “build relationships and stay in touch with those you’ve shared experiences with through school, projects, or networking programs. You never know where you may cross paths again. People are more likely to help each other succeed if they have a common link”.

Emily is also grateful to have met one of her best friends in Mandarin class. Jarratt Kong has been a very supportive friend over the years and offered her great practical advice to not be afraid to fail and try new things. Emily remembers that his connection and friendship helped her adjust to a new school.