Jan 27, 2022

The students from the Faculty of Management have three new financial awards to support their studies and recognize their academic accomplishments.

Established by program partner Innovation Networks and championed by alum Lais Leite, the Innovation Networks Business Technology Award recognizes students from the Business Computer Applications I for the most active engagement and leadership in the classroom.  

The Dwyer Immigration Medical Services Award, created by faculty member Caroline Dickson, is awarded to international students from the PDD programs with more than 27 credits; and for their involvement in student clubs, volunteering, or community services groups.

The Clark Wilson LLP Bursary was established by the Chair of the Langara Board of Governors, Michal Jaworski, to support students with financial need. 

Danny-Pham.jfifLast fall, at the annual Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, Langara recognized award recipients for their achievements and acknowledged the generosity of our donors. Learn more about three scholarship recipients and their journeys. 

Danny Pham is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting student. He felt a tremendous honour to receive the S. Charania Family Legacy Fund Award. For Danny, this award represents his hard work and dedication to his studies. He was incredibly grateful for the recognition. Danny is looking forward to starting his professional career and hopes to give back to those who have supported him during his studies in the future. 

After graduation, he plans to work in public accounting and pursue his CPA Ariful-Azam.jpegdesignation. Danny hopes to leverage what he has learned at his time at Langara and support the community. “Perhaps I'll be a Controller, or maybe I'll even start my own business. Either way, I am excited for the journey to come, and I know that Langara has provided me with a great foundation to handle whatever may come my way." 

Ariful Azam is studying his 2nd year in the Diploma in Nutrition & Food Service Management. He is the recipient of the new Delaram Dadashnejad Memorial Scholarship; created in memory of a Langara student who passed away tragically on Ukraine Flight 752 in Tehran last year.  

Ariful feels that receiving this scholarship is the motivation he needs to keep working towards his goals. The recognition also gives him energy to continue to progress in his life and career. “This award also reminds me about the people we lost in that accident, and it keeps me pushing to contribute to the community on their behalf. I really appreciate the donors and Langara for the support.”  

Hythe-Al-Keder-2.jpgHythe Al-Keder received the Jennifer Prosser Wade Family Business Scholarship for his studies in the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management. This was his first scholarship and it showed Hythe that hard work and perseverance will reap rewards. 

“I have tried to plan my future before around something linear and felt shoehorned by it. Now, I have decided to try a different approach: focus on diversifying my network and building a skillset which can be utilized over many areas. Entrepreneurship is where my heart is, however, a strong safety net should not be overlooked.” 

These scholarships and awards would not be possible without our dedicated supporters and donors, thank you. If you would like to support student success or learn about creating a new award, please contact foundation@langara.ca. Learn more about the scholarships, awards and bursaries offered to the Faculty of Management students.