Sep 24, 2021

Have you ever considered a career at Langara? More than 650 alumni have. That’s the number of Langarans who chose to advance their education and their careers at the College. With the continued growth of activities and development of new programs, more alumni have selected Langara as their workplace. Several started working directly after graduation and others had previous experiences before coming back to the College. 

The Faculty of Management has over 65 employee alumni from various programs and areas. They are faculty members, administrators, and staff, who work every day to support our students. Learn about their stories and how they started at Langara. 


Charlotte Sander, Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management, 2015 and Diploma in Business Management, 2012 
Communications Officer, Events | Communications & Marketing 

As a youth, Charlotte was involved in the Youth Leadership Program at the Langara YMCA. She would always pass by Langara, see the students, and think about what it would be like. She attributes Langara as her catalyst for thinking about her future and what she wanted to do. When researching post-secondary programs, it was a natural choice, and after learning about the small classes, affordable fees, and four-year programs, she applied to Langara. 

“I will always be grateful for my experiences at Langara, especially the opportunity to complete four co-op work placements, while I studied my BBA. Before I was done my first year, I already had real work experience in the field I wanted to specialize in. By graduation, I was working in my forever job and had been promoted out of entry level work.” Charlotte’s favourite memories at Langara tie back to the relationships she made with student colleagues, instructors, and others from the community. She remembers always feeling welcome and safe asking questions, seeking guidance, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone to try new things.  

For the past 5 years, Charlotte organizes our campus events and supports key departments like the Office of Student Engagement, Co-op & Career, and Indigenous Education and Services. She also finds time to invest in her career and has recently completed her MBA from UNBC. 



Kevin O’Donohue, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, 2011, and Financial Management Diploma, 2010
Accounting Manager | Langara College Foundation

Langara was already part of Kevin’s life before he started studying at the College. His sister was a student in the Fine Arts program, enjoyed her time, and recommended he look at the Finance programs available. After studying both the diploma and the bachelor’s degree, Kevin worked at a few organizations in the security and real estate industries, before landing his current role as the Accounting Manager for the Langara College Foundation.

Kevin actively participated in the co-op programs while studying, which were instrumental in launching his career. It allowed him to better transition to the CGA program (current CPA) after graduation. The co-op terms are also his favourite memories at Langara, where he gained valuable work experience and created friendships in his field. 


Clauzi Guerini, Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration, 2020 
Domestic Marketing and Recruitment Assistant | Langara Global  

When planning to relocate from Brazil to Vancouver, Clauzi researched the best schools and saw that Langara was highly recognized for its quality of programs and for providing additional support to international students. He also attended an info session in Portuguese and immediately fell in love with the College. As a student, Clauzi enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering with VOLT, Langara’s student volunteer program; and grow his network by attending several events at Langara. He was very involved on campus, joined student clubs, and put his past skills into practice. These were fundamental to support his career changes. 

“My favorite memory at Langara was when I had the chance to coordinate the GO Team with VOLT, which is the group of student volunteers that support the events during the student orientation week. When I was a student, I volunteered in the GO Team and had so much fun.” In the beginning of the year, when working at the Hub, Clauzi planned and hosted these events to welcome the new students together with an amazing group of 60 volunteers. Activities were online and they achieved their goal – get students to experience the same feeling of joy they had when starting at Langara, be it face to face or through a computer screen. Clauzi continues to connect with students in a different way, he is now working with the new Recruitment team and helps inspire new students to join Langara.