“I completed the LSM program and now offer leadership and communication skills, experience with business owners, a strong work ethic, and an understanding of business strategies. An applied program is invaluable and sets the path for individuals looking to set themselves apart. The LSM started my career while I obtained my degree.”

- Rebekah Roddam, Corporate Account Executive, On Call Nanny

“The LSM experience was truly the cornerstone of my career. It provided excellent opportunities for me to tap into the corporate world, gain invaluable experience, and advance my career. Since graduation, my career has been on a fast-track.”

- Kevin Zhao, Graduate, Langara School of Management

“Langara offers amazing opportunities, from in-class learning to work experience, volunteering, and networking outside the classroom. I attended one of Sam Sullivan’s inspiring Public Salons, where I had the chance to mingle with other students as well as high-ranking Canadians like The Right Honourable Michaelle Jean. I hope more students see the benefits of taking a proactive approach to their education.”

- Emma Leigha Munro, BBA Student, Langara College

“Langara was a great stepping stone for UBC’s Sauder School of Business. Choosing Langara had not only prepared me with the basis for excellent work ethic for academic studies, but it got me involved in a lot of team work, which is a skill that Sauder values. Langara’s small classes allowed me to experience a learning environment where I could truly interact with the class in discussions and I could really understand the material that I needed to prepare for Sauder. Langara has great teachers that relate the class material to real life discussions in current events. The experience I had at Langara was a golden one that really prepared me for success in business studies.”

- Jake Lopez, UBC Sauder School of Business BCom 2012, Combined Major Business and Computer Science, e-Business track

“The BBA program gave me the fundamental skill sets and confidence to start my own business.”

- Peyvand Padidar, Partner, Snap Stands Interactive Inc.