Garyen Chong Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5476
Office: T420E

B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Garyen received all his education at the University of Saskatchewan.

Position: Instructor, Health Sciences Department

Courses taught: Biol 115, 1215, 1190, 1191, 2290, 2291, 2415, HSCI 1140, 2211

Academic interests: His current interests are in the area of efficacy and safety of statin treatment for cardiovascular disease

Garyen’s most humbling moments at Langara College include receiving the teaching excellence award, and participating in the rural health project in Tanzania.

He likes hiking, photography, movies, dining and travelling.

Patrick de Sousa Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2441
Office: C307

Alexis Fluevog Instructor

Phone: TBA.
Office: T520i

Susan Daflos Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2026

Tatiana Popovitskaia Instructor

Office: T520H

Annette Floyd Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2085
Office: T520H

Catherine Glass Instructor

Office: T400C

C.S., M.Sc. (Toronto), Biology, Ph.D., (Candidate UBC), Public Health.

Jessica Kalra Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5656
Office: C224a

Education and thesis topic:

BSc. HonorsBiology University ofWaterloo

MSc. Cell Biology University of Western Ontario (cellular communication in cancer cells)

PhD. Pathology and Laboratory medicine University of British Columbia (molecular targeting strategies in the treatment of cancer)

Position: Instructor

Courses taught: HSCI 2211, HSCI 2216

Paul Sunga Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5251
Office: T400F

Education:  Ph.D. (UBC), B.Sc.(Hons), B.A. (U.Ottawa) 

Thesis topic: - Cardiovascular pathophysiology in hypertension.

Position: Instructor

Courses taught: Bio. 1190, 1191, 2290, 2291

Instructor: Pathophysiology, Global Health, Anatomy and Physiology

Academic interests:  Public health in developing countries

Paul Sunga is a novelist, musician and international development consultant. Please see   for further details about his past and current projects.

Kenneth Naumann Instructor

Office: T400D

Ken Naumann - I earned a PhD in insect ecology from Simon Fraser University and worked as a postdoc and researcher in private industry, mostly in the area of insect chemical ecology.  I regularly teach invertebrate zoology, first year biology, and complementary and alternative medicine but have also taught courses in anatomy and physiology, ecology, environmental science, natural history, and health sciences. 

My current research interests are in the ecology of social insects and medicinal uses of plant secondary compounds. Highlights of my time at Langara include seeing students get excited about nature, and participating in field schools in East Africa and Haida Gwaii.  I have also been lucky enough to participate in public health projects in East Africa and help develop a number of courses in the Health Sciences Department.  

I have a lifelong interest in paleontology and mineralogy and try to work that into my teaching.