The following are definitions of terms used in the Langara at a Glance Dashboards.

Full-time student
Langara considers a student who is taking 9 credits or more in a term to be full-time.

Regular Studies (RS)
Langara’s Regular Studies (RS) offerings include all of our developmental and post-secondary credit courses.

Continuing Studies (CS)
Langara Continuing Studies (CS) offers a broad range of non-credit courses and programs.

Aboriginal student
For the purposes of these dashboards, an aboriginal student is one who has identified themselves as aboriginal to Langara. Students identified as aboriginal by the government or another agency are not included, unless they have also self-identified to Langara College.

International Student
An international student is a citizen of another country who is studying in Canada under a Student Visa.

Program Type
The general educational goal related to a specific program. Program types include: Continuing Studies, Career/Vocational, University transfer, Baccalaureate studies, and Post-degree.

An area of study, usually leading to a credential. For these dashboards, ‘program’ may be a single program, multiple streams of a program (e.g.: Theatre Arts ‐ Acting and Theatre Arts ‐ Production), or several related programs (e.g.: Associate of Arts in Aboriginal Studies, Aboriginal Studies Diploma).