The following are definitions of terms used in the Langara at a Glance Dashboards.

Full-time Student
Langara considers a student who is taking 9 credits or more in a term to be full-time.

Regular Studies (RS)
Langara’s Regular Studies (RS) offerings include all of our developmental and post-secondary credit courses.

Continuing Studies (CS)
Langara Continuing Studies (CS) offers a broad range of non-credit courses and programs.

Indigenous Student
For the purposes of these dashboards, an indigenous student is a domestic student who has identified themselves as indigenous to Langara. Students identified as indigenous by the government or another agency are not included unless they have also self-identified to Langara College.

International Student
An international student is a citizen of another country who is studying in Canada under a Student Visa.

Program Type
The general educational goal related to a specific program. Program types include Continuing Studies, Career/Vocational, University transfer, Baccalaureate studies, and Post-degree.

An area of study, usually leading to a credential. For these dashboards, ‘program’ may be a single program, multiple streams of a program (e.g.: Theatre Arts ‐ Acting and Theatre Arts ‐ Production), or several related programs (e.g.: Associate of Arts in Aboriginal Studies, Aboriginal Studies Diploma).