Student testimonials

Student testimonials

The China Field study was an experience that I will never forget! I have always loved travelling and this was a great chance to do both travelling and studying. We got to experience real China, not just touristy China which was something that I valued greatly. We got to live on campus among other local students and dive right into their culture. The friends I made and the stories I’ve come home with are unforgettable. If I could do this trip again I would! I would recommend this to anyone who is even considering it!

Mikayla S

My experience participating in the 2016 China Field Studies Program was the most memorable experience of my post-secondary education.  The Chinese students I befriended on the trip are some of the most kind-hearted, sweet and generous people I will ever know and I felt so grateful to spend time with them and get to know them. I loved our classes in Shenzhen. It was so interesting to see what post-secondary school is like in China. I highly recommend this program to any student, no matter what area is the focus of your studies. I felt safe and well taken care of by our instructors and guides and had the opportunity to visit and experience amazing cities and sights in China. If you’re on the fence, you should take the plunge - you’ll have fun and learn way more than just your course material.

Kira Daley

When I first attended an information meeting for the study abroad China program, I had no idea what to expect. While I knew very little about China, having my first experience of it be guided by a school program and local Chinese guides made the whole trip accessible and exciting even for those with little travel experience. The value provided by the program was very impressive. The trip was comparably priced to traveling by myself in China, it provided course credits, and there were even scholarship options provided to make everything more affordable. All in all, a fantastic experience that I would definitely do again if given the opportunity.

Dawson Church

The China Field Study was an experience of a lifetime. I was able to learn about China's culture and business practices through first-hand experiences and by building personal relationships with local students and professionals. The curriculum was well-suited to our learning objectives but also allowed us the freedom to explore other areas of interest. My favourite moment was visiting Dafen Painting Village during our free time. We befriended some local artists and were invited to their gallery opening. I would recommend the China Field Study to anyone who wants to incorporate travel into their studies.
Daniel Crough 

After completing the program, I learned that environment is everything - to capture and truly appreciate what connects culture and management requires more than anything that Canada alone has to offer. I recommend the China Field Studies Program to anybody who wishes to challenge themselves and learn outside the classroom - and even better, outside of the country. 
Trevor Mah

The China field study program is the best way to get a hands on experience of how business is conducted in China, while also learning about their culture and customs.Not only did I learn practical business skills, such as how to negotiate prices in mandarin, but I also made useful local contacts via networking.

I almost passed up on this unique opportunity because I was not sure if I could afford it but I cannot explain how much I would have regretted that decision. The experiences I had and the friends I made are priceless compared to the cost of the program.
Cameron S.