Midterm exams for some courses and all final exams for students enrolled in programs or courses within the Faculty of Management will be held on campus. Students will need to arrange and pay for an LSM-approved proctor if they are unable to write the midterm or the final exam on campus. For more information, please email the instructor.

Students outside the Metro Vancouver area, taking online courses in the Faculty of Management are required to locate institutions that meet the following criteria, without exception:

Preferred: The institution is a public post-secondary college or university.

Acceptable: The institution is a private post-secondary with national, state/provincial accreditation (see below), or other international accreditation program such as ACBSP.

On an Exceptional and Case-by-Case Basis: Libraries, High-schools, Canadian Consulates (some may offer this service) may be considered for approval.

All locations must provide the following:

  • In-person invigilation for the duration of the exam including an in-person invigilator or proctor
  • Computer with internet access, with lock-down browser support preferred.

The student must confirm the testing location and the specific invigilator/proctor consents to being contacted by the course instructor to receive information about the exam, the password, the timed length, etc. Email and telephone are acceptable.

Quick FAQ

The meaning of 'National, State/Provincial accreditation accepted' is that a university has received approval to by a governing body, in our case, the Ministry of Advanced Education - Degree Quality Assessment, to offer the degrees and other programs we deliver at Langara College.

No, however, if you are in a remote location it can be determined on a case-by-case basis after discussion with your instructor.