LSM Students

LSM Students

Vynelan Dcosta"I was a part of the Digital Media Marketing Club for over 3 terms and the Club's President for 2 terms. The club has helped me practice my skills and connect with the industry more closely by grabbing the various volunteering opportunities and taking advantage of my student status." (Vynelan Majell Dcosta, PDD Marketing Management Student).
Darnell Setiadi Student

BBA Business Management

Hi Darnell! Could you share with us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi and absolutely! I’m a 4th year student in Langara’s BBA: Business Management program and a freelance content writer on Fiverr from Indonesia. I made the last-minute decision to come to Canada after just one family vacation here with the goal of widening my horizons in terms of academics, career, and social life, and am loving the progress so far! 

A highlight of this is being able to gain the confidence to better talk with people in general. As an introvert, that is no easy task. I had to step out of my comfort zone in countless instances, and as uncomfortable as it was, I knew it was necessary, so that’s what I did and never looked back ever since. 

What do you do in your free time? 

Spending time with my family and close friends as much as I can, because they mean the world to me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for their endless love and support. 

Aside from that, I enjoy body building and do it 6 days a week, no matter what. It was a cornerstone in building my mentality and discipline that transversed to other walks of my life including both academically and professionally. It gave structure to better prepare and equip myself to brace and conquer any challenges that lie ahead. 

You have a podcast called The Darn Diaries. What is the idea behind this project? 

I’ve always loved talking my mind out, may it be through vlogs, or audio recordings since I was about 4 years old. It carried on with me to this day as I now know how to speak my mind out more fluently. 

Then 2020 happened and let’s just say it was a rough year for me. In the middle of all the chaos going on, I turned to the one thing I’ve always done and started recording myself talking as my way of therapy. It helped me better process my thoughts, emotions, and develop ideas which was a game changer in everything I’m doing today. 

The Darn Diaries is my life documentation (or at least part of it) of my progress, so that one day I can look back, smile, and thank the old me for making those hard choices and for unapologetically being myself, regardless of what people thought or said. 

With that, my only hope out of this podcast is to help just one person out there and give them a different perspective or two on how they can better navigate their lives. 

You are in the final weeks of your first co-op term. In which ways did this experience help you grow professionally? 

Being surrounded by my family-like work colleagues and an incredibly supportive supervisor (aka my boss), I was able to be more decisive, confident, and structured in the way I handle project tasks, communicate with different departments, and collaborate alongside different team members. 

Though I have many people to thank, I have to especially thank my supervisor for pushing me to be better, not shy away from challenges, and step out of my comfort zone, but also ensuring I don’t do too much that I burn out. She is a great leader, and I would be more than happy to work alongside her and my work colleagues again someday. 

What is your professional goal? 

To hone my current skill sets in writing, communications, and marketing to be able to take on greater responsibilities and contribute to the success of my future dream job/personal business.

Arash Davari Student

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Hi Arash! Tell us a little about yourself and your favourite hobby. 

Hi! My name is Arash and I’m a 4th year BBA international student. I’m originally from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. In my free time, I usually would like to do some exercise, also I’m a big fan of hiking! 

Where is your favourite place on campus? 

My favourite place on campus is the top floor at T building. In my opinion, that’s one of the best locations to study on campus and it has a great view over the campus. 

You are in the last year of the BBA in International Business. How has your experience been so far? 

I love my experience at Langara during these four years! At the beginning, adapting to the new educational system and method, compared to what I was learning at my country, was challenging but after getting used to that and putting some hard work, I managed to do well in my courses. 

Could you share with us how it was your co-op experience? 

I had a great co-op experience with Langara LEAP department as an administrative assistant for two semesters. Being able to apply what I have learned in my courses at Langara in a real-life work experience helped me massively. Also, the LEAP team was extremely supportive during this work experience and I would like to thank them! 

What career do you want to follow after graduation? 

After two amazing work experiences with Langara LEAP Department and Vancouver Folk music festival, I’ve become interested in administrative roles. After my graduation, I am aiming for an administration manager position. 

Vynelan Majell Dcosta Student

Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management

Vynelan DcostaHi Vynelan! Where are you in the program and how has your experience been so far? I am currently in my final term of the PDD Marketing Management program completing my co-op term as the Health and Safety Hero Program coordinator at the college. My experience has been a great learning curve for me, especially in learning about Marketing, the same subject, but in a new context and perspective in Canada. Having prior work experience in the field, I was able to relate better to the various concepts that I learned throughout my term at Langara college.

Which class/club/school activity is your favorite? Every class and activity is a unique learning experience. You get some new takeaway from every class, club, or volunteer opportunity. I was a part of the Digital Media Marketing Club for over 3 terms and the Club's President for 2 terms. The club has helped me practice my skills and connect with the industry more closely by grabbing the various volunteering opportunities and taking advantage of my student status.

Where do you see yourself after you complete the program? I see myself beginning my career in one of Vancouver's well-established marketing agencies. That would finally mean putting the connections I've made through my term at Langara college to the test.

During the Covid-19, how have you managed to keep in contact with friends and family? Virtual meetings, volunteering, and engagement activities have been a great stress buster. Similarly, I connect with my family daily and as for my friends in Vancouver, thankfully small groups being allowed to meet outdoors has been a great relief.

What is your favorite spot on campus to study? The 2nd floor of the T building is a great spot to study, ideate, and work on projects. It gets my creative juices flowing.

Shubham Khanna Student

Post-Degree in Business Administration

Hi Shubham! Tell us about yourself.

I am a post-graduate student at Langara, studying the Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration. This diploma builds upon my academic background in economics from the University of Delhi in India. Over a period of five years, I was employed in diverse fields within marketing such as event planning and management, digital marketing, customer behaviour analysis, market research, and marketing strategy. I undertook roles included Assistant Manager at Webtel Electrosoft, an IT company and a sports management specialist while working for DNA Entertainment Networks. Down the line, I envision myself working as a CMO in one of the top global brands and leading the brand towards sustainability. Personally, I am fond of travelling as I find pleasure in exploring new places and cultures.

Why did you choose to study the PDD in Business Administration?

I enjoy learning and am very curious about emerging global start-ups and how they function. Feeding my curiosity and entrepreneurship capacities, I started a café in New Delhi, India. This role gave me hands-on experience in various aspects of business management such as supply chain, inventory management, marketing, budget allocation, employee conflict resolution, and much more. The Covid pandemic created an opportunity for extensive introspection. This lead to a desire to kick things-up-a-notch and polish my skills and gain more international experience. In order to better navigate across international markets, I wanted to study abroad and learn more about running a successful business. The PDD in Business Administration was the perfect fit for my ambitions.

You are volunteering in three different clubs in Langara. Can you describe your tasks? How beneficial can these experiences be in your career?

I aspire to combine my vision with philanthropy and I have been proactive in initiating activities that allow me to share the knowledge and make a social impact. I actively managed and volunteered in various clubs during my undergraduate studies at the University of Delhi. I missed this experience while I was working. In Langara, the VOLT: Go Team and New Student Orientation encouraged me to participate. It was a wonderful experience to guide new students by giving them support and a sense of belonging.

  • Project Management Club, Acting Marketing Director. I am responsible social media engagement, promotional activities for branding and awareness, metrics, etc.

  • Management in Motion Club: Vice President. I started as a Finance Director maintaining balance sheets, collaborating with The Hub, and Accounts office, budget planning, fund raising, and sponsorships. Recently, I was promoted to the post of Vice-President. Now, I manage the execution of daily operations of the club.

  • Langara Business Association: Vice President. I helped re-start/re-found the LBA. We have restarted the club and I will be working to encourage, guide and help the core team of the club.

In addition, I am also actively involved as a member in various other societies and Chamber of Commerce, such as Toastmasters, Vancouver Board of Trade, etc. Each of these endeavours helps to enhance my skillset in leadership, teamwork, partnership, and public communication.

What skills and qualities do you seek to improve?

I have an interest in public speaking and I believe that learning is limitless. It was a big decision to come to Canada for post-graduate studies and I have already learned a lot across various disciplines. Moving ahead, I want to keep working on my analytical and interpersonal skills like leadership, conflict resolution, and relationship-building, to name a few. On the professional front, I want to master project management skills.

Top 3 objectives for yourself in the next five years.

To give 3 words for 3 objectives – Explorer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. I seek to develop my interpersonal and professional skills to develop my career in business management. I will also share my knowledge and experience to help other students, people and organizations.

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Melody Lin Student

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management

Melody Lin Why did you choose to study the BBA, Marketing/Marketing Management at Langara School of Management?
In addition to the small class sizes and affordable tuition, the instructors in the LSM have invaluable real-world industry experience. These factors combined give you a high-level and personalized education that - in my opinion - is on-par with renowned business schools in the province. Not only that, but the peers you meet also have diverse backgrounds that make the learning experience all that more colourful.

Have you found Coop work in the area that you studied? And did you find your Coop work to be what you anticipated?
Yes, I actually completed three Co-op work terms during my time at Langara - one was even at the Co-op & Career Development Centre itself! Completing three work terms allowed me to gain experience in three very different work environments, career options and management styles. The experiences helped me hone in on what my interests are and what type of organization I want to work with.

What career would you like to choose after leaving school?
Upon graduation, I focused on searching for a position in marketing, with a focus on digital, in the tech space.

What is your favorite study spot on campus?
- you can’t beat the natural sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows!

What are you doing to stay positive and motivated during COVID?
l like you’re “on” 24/7, so I’ve been staying sane by blocking out an hour a day to exercise - whether that’s doing a home workout, going on a run or simply taking a walk around the block.

Arun Kumar Mahesh Student

Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration

arun kumar Why did you choose to study PDD Business Administration?
In India, I worked for 6 years for various IT companies. My managers have always regarded me as a prospective event manager. I had intentions to start my own business as well. So I was looking for a course that teaches me a mix of operations, marketing and strategy. That's how I landed in Langara's PDD BA course.

Have you found work in the area that you studied?
Yes. I found work in the area of my study. Currently, I am working for 3tierlogic inc. as the Strategic Services Expert.

Did you find your work to be what you anticipated?
Of course. This was the work I anticipated. In fact, I have more responsibilities than I thought. We did a business strategy simulation project in my 4th term and this work almost resembles that.

What was one of your best memories from Langara?
Getting awarded with three scholarship awards for my volunteering activities, academics and involvement with the Langara community is something I will cherish forever.

What do you do to stay positive and motivated during COVID?
I keep reminding myself of the intention of coming to Canada. I ensure that I don't deviate from that goal. In fact, when the lockdown began, I was taking my final semester classes. The classes were suddenly changed online; I didn't have time to tell bye to my friends at college; my mom passed away in India, and I couldn't attend her funeral in India as travel was banned; the full-time job I applied for was put on hold and many places stopped accepting applications. With all of these, I had to complete all my projects in the very next week and be ready for exams in two weeks from that date. I kept reminding myself about my goal. I wanted to do it for myself and my mom. I put together all these frustrations into positive work by means of these goals and Somehow completed my classes. I stayed positive and reached out to my connections whom I networked earlier. I got a response and landed in this job. That was how my goals helped me stay positive and motivated and helped me land in this job within a month after my studies during COVID.

Tiffany Nguyen Student

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Student

Student_Tiffany_NguyenWhy did you choose to study the BBA, International Business at Langara School of Management?
I first started at Langara back in 2011. I knew I wanted to do my BBA and my initial plan was to transfer to UBC. I spent one semester at UBC and left. I decided to take a break from school so I could travel. When deciding which school to come back to and finish my degree, the answer was definitely Langara. I loved the community at Langara. The smaller classes and special care instructors had with their students.  I always felt welcomed and I am happy I made the decision to come back and finish my degree with LSM. 

Have you found Coop work in the area that you studied? And did you find your Coop work to be what you anticipated?
My coop work term was at Langara. Before coop I had never worked in an office. I was a little unsure of what my career goals or industry I wanted to go into. I never realized how much works goes in to producing all the marketing materials, events, sponsorships, and social media plans. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was glad I got to be a part of it. Coop helped me home in my career goals a little more and that is to pursue a career in digital marketing. 

What career would you like to choose after leaving school?
My hope would be to find a job in a digital marketing firm. I am currently applying for roles in social media. I love telling stories, I love creating and I think that social media is a great avenue for me to showcase my creativity and business background. 

What is your favourite study spot on campus?
I always tried to find an empty classroom to study in. I find being in a classroom environment even when there’s no class in session gives me more study energy. 

What are you doing to stay positive and motivated during COVID?
I am very lucky to have so many groups of amazing friends all around the world. During COVID, everyone had a lot more spare time and availability to catch up, so I have been making a lot more phone calls. Thanks to the magic of Zoom and What’s App calling, I can make those calls as frequently as I want. Even though some friends are farther away, during COVID, I got a lot closer to some of them. 

Criciane Ribeiro Student

Post-Degree in Business Administration

Hi Criciane! Where are you from? And why did you choose Vancouver to be your new home?
Hi Victor, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m from Mato Grosso, in Brazil. Canada was on my bucket list since I was a child and a big fan of Alanis Morissette, a Canadian singer. I decided that I wanted to live abroad and learn English and then move to Canada. So, in 2018 I moved to Dublin, Ireland, and stayed there for almost 3 years. Then I came back to Brazil, stayed with my family for about a year, and moved to Vancouver to take a Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration at Langara College, and of course, the first thing I’ve done was buy Alanis Morissette’s ticket for her concert in Vancouver that happened last month.

What is your dream, and what motivates you to achieve it?
Well, I am a Pisces, which means that I am naturally a dreamer. Joking apart, my biggest dream is to complete my Post Degree Diploma program and be able to get a job related to it. What motivates me to achieve it is the fact that Langara has many resources where I can improve different skills that will help me in any area. Another dream I have is to be able to live in a trailer with my family, so we could wake up every day with a different view. What motivates me to achieve it is that the World is so big and there are so many beautiful places to visit, so many people to meet, every day is a gift and we should be motivated only by the fact we are alive.

You are currently working in The Hub. Could you briefly summarize what this job looks like?
Of course. I am a SWAP student and I am working at the Office for Student Engagement (The Hub) for the summer, which has been such an amazing experience. I am impressed by all the things they do for the students, and the care they have in each detail to make the student’s experience the best they can provide. I have improved many skills, such as leadership by facilitating a Leadership workshop for Go Team training along with Elise Le Brun, time management, public speaking by working along with Tony Virdo, and organization skills by working along with Britanny Lequyer. Every day we receive students with some questions about college and we help them as much as we can. I am very happy for being part of the team and I am learning a lot from them every day. I like calling The Hub “home” because that is how I feel when I am there.

You have been a GO Team member since your first term on campus. What have you learned so far in this position?
I joined GO Team when I was on my first term at Langara and it was a very good decision. I was able to learn about Cultural Awareness, Leadership, and how to overcome my fear of Public Speaking and Communication. But what stood me out was the number of friends I’ve made at Go Team, we are a family, we understand each other and it is also all about empathy. I would strongly recommend students to join Go Team because it is a unique experience.

How are you able to manage your time? Do you have any secrets?
I am a visual person, so I use primarily visual methods, like managing my time by using a weekly planner, and making a list of my weekly commitments, so I don’t miss anything. I also like setting reminders of my tasks on my phone (alarms), just in case. Some weeks are busier than others in college, so if we don’t improve our time management skills, it can be tough to deliver everything on time. I like starting all my assignments in advance, so I do not cumulate anything, it helps me a lot to manage time between studies and work. I would say my secret is: do not procrastinate.

Eliza Sonsini Student

Post-Degree in Marketing Management

Eliza SonsiniWhy did you choose to study the PDD, Marketing Management at Langara School of Management?
I came to Canada with a fulfilling work-experience in the marketing field, and I trusted being enrolled in a Marketing Management program would give me a solid structure to start my journey here. I also choose Langara with the firm belief that the college and would provide me with a diverse set of tools and opportunities for me to reach student success. I’m happy with this decision. Since I stepped in at Langara I knew I’ve made the right choice.

Can you describe your current position?
Despite the fact I’ve been working with marketing and joined the PPD in MM, I now work as Associate Development Manager (Project Manager Junior) at Electronic Arts. Project Management is something that has always made part of my path in so many ways. Since I came to Canada and joined the PMC (Langara Project Management Club), I started to grow a strong taste and passion for it. Today I support the EA’s dynamic cross-functional teams helping manage the FIFA project day-to-day operations.

Did you find your work in the area that you studied? And did you find your work to be what you anticipated?
Before working for EA, I had a fantastic experience in the area as an Intern of Marketing Communications working for Seaspan. It was precious, and exactly how I anticipated it would be. Now, as an Associate Development Manager, having precisely the job and at the company, I was dreaming of being part of, I couldn’t be happier and grateful.

What was one of your best memories from Langara? and what is your favourite spot on campus? 
I have so many great memories from Langara. But probably what stands out for me is the meditation group class I developed offering to my peers, staff and faculty members group sessions for us to meditate, learn and find peace of mind while going through all the challenges we have in life. My favourite spot is the quiet 5th floor in the T-building. I still remember any time I needed a reset that was my place to go spot to refresh my mind before jumping on the next activity.

What are you doing to stay positive and motivated during COVID?
Staying connected with my beloved ones and meditating regularly are the two things that are helping to make my days bright. I saw myself in roller-coaster days since the pandemic hit us, and meditation showed me it was finally time to live one day at a time as it would be my best day of life. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and working on polishing my flaws while highlighting strengths to make my way joyful and light. It’s been quite a valuable learning opportunity.