Workday@Langara (ERP Project) will modernize our operations and improve services for students, faculty and staff. This project will be a major focus for the College over the next three years and supports key commitments in our Strategic Plan.

The College has chosen Workday, a user-friendly, cloud-based software, for our new ERP system. Our implementation partner Deloitte is helping us determine the best way to changeover to our new system while maintaining our normal operations.

Workday@Langara will change how we collect, manage, analyze, and report on data and make it easier to share data between different areas of the organization: finance, human resources and student information. Beyond updating our technological systems, we will also streamline our processes and make important decisions about how we can best serve staff, students, faculty and our wider community now and in the future.

Our new system will improve our administrative efficiency and support organizational sustainability by reducing manual processes, offering better self-service tools and increasing institutional transparency.

For this project to be successful, Langara will require input, collaboration, and support from across the College. Our project team has already been working with many different departments on campus, and will continue to engage with the community as we move through the project phases.

Download Workday@Langara at a Glance