Records Transfer

To transfer records to on-site records storage contact us to help you identify which records are eligible for storage.  We supply standard storage boxes, complete the Records Transfer Control form for you, and arrange for records to be moved to on-site storage.

Correctly filled and labelled records box

Correctly filled and labelled records box

Records Retrieval

To retrieve a file or box located in on-site storage e-mail or telephone us with the details and we will deliver the records to you within 48 hours.

Records Destruction

What happens to records in on-site storage? When your department’s records in storage are due for destruction, Privacy and Records Management completes a Records Destruction Authorization memo for manager review and approval. Once approved, we coordinate the removal of boxes for confidential destruction by a contracted service provider. 

Records Filing and Purging

If you didn’t find the file retention or purging information you need in one of our guides or directories, contact Privacy and Records Management for an expert, hands-on review of your files. We’ll help you decide which records to keep and which to destroy. 

Do you want to save valuable time finding important documents? Customized filing systems make retrieving the right paper or electronic record a snap by tailoring file folder structures to the way you create and use information.

Document Imaging

A robust document imaging system may be the right tool if your department has a large number of records that many staff members refer to again and again over several years. With the WebXtender system, you can convert paper records to digital images that can be read, edited and shared online (even with members of other departments.) You can also import ‘born digital’ Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files into WebXtender. For more information, or to see WebXtender in action, contact Privacy and Records Management.

Archival Research

If your department is about to commemorate a significant anniversary or milestone, Privacy and Records Management will conduct research in the College Archives to uncover unique photographs and documents to enhance your event.