Are you interested in Co-op, but not sure how it works? Review the steps below to learn more. 

Enrol in EXPE 2300. 
The first step is to take the pre-requisite course EXPE 2300. The course will provide you with knowledge of what it takes to get a job in today's constantly changing job market. You will learn about resumes, interviews, and more. This course is offered every semester either in-person or online. 


Apply for Co-op. 
Once you have taken the pre-requisite course for Co-op, EXPE 2300, you can submit an application to apply for Co-op via the C3 job board. There is a minimum 2.6 CGPA requirement for the Co-op program. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be booked for an appointment with a Co-op instructor.  

Note: International students who are approved to join the Co-op program will be issued documentation during the meeting that they can use to apply for their Co-op Work Permit. Students may reach out to Langara Global for instructions on how to apply for their Co-op Work Permit.  

Search and apply for jobs. 
Students in the Co-op program have special access to see Co-op jobs on the C3 job board. As a Co-op student you will actively apply and interview for jobs Co-op with support from your Co-op instructor. 

If you find a position on your own that you would like to use for a Co-op, the position must be reviewed and approved by a Co-op instructor to qualify for a Co-op. 


Get hired. 
Once you accept a Co-op job offer you must inform your Co-op instructor, who will let you know the appropriate Co-op work term course to enrol in. Co-op students registered into a full-time Co-op course are considered full-time students. 



Complete your Co-op. 
During your Co-op, you will have assignments to complete and there will be a site visit mid-way through the work term, where the Co-op instructor will visit you on-site or virtually to speak with you and your supervisor about the placement. 



Return to school. 
Students must return to at least one more academic semester after they complete their Co-op. 


Students in a Diploma or Associate’s program can do a maximum of two Co-op work terms. Students in a Bachelor’s program can do a maximum of four Co-op work terms. 




Learn more about the Co-op Program including program requirements, upcoming information sessions, and programs that offer Co-op.