Welcome to the pilot Langara Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Abilities project! As part of our provincial WIL research funding, we wanted to look at the barriers preventing students with different abilities from participating in WIL at Langara College.


What is Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)?

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is “learning by doing” and this type of applied learning happens in a variety of ways. WIL can be within individual courses or as part of a larger program structure. For example, students in our Business, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Biology programs, have the options of alternating academic terms with paid work terms. In the new Strategic Plan, Langara College would like every student to have the opportunity to participate in some type of WIL during their time at Langara. Through our research, we found that many students are not aware of how to find these opportunities. We aim to provide students with more opportunities to learn about WIL.

Examples of WIL at Langara include:

  • Working on a CityStudio Vancouver applied project plan idea within a Geography course
  • Paid full-time Co-op work terms applying classroom theory in a workplace
  • Completing one of eleven required clinical practicums within the Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Finishing a Post-Degree Diploma program with a one term paid work experience immediately prior to graduation
  • Participating in one of many Field Schools which combines classroom study with in-field or in-country experience
  • Contributing skills and interest in Applied Research with campus research initiatives and projects

What has been happening to support students with disabilities to participate in WIL?

  • Proposed piloting a part-time WIL Abilities Coordinator position at Langara College to support the project. The WIL Abilities Coordinator is from the Co-op & Career Development Centre and brings years of experience with co-operative education and other forms of “learning by doing” at Langara and beyond.
  • Completed one-on-one and survey-based research. Informations sessions are being held to discuss the findings.
  • Actively searching for inclusive employers and flagging them in our system for easy identification.
  • Gathering supporting information to share with students, especially unique opportunities to expand experiences and new ways of learning.
  • Outreach with organizations in this space to create joint workshops.

Getting involved in WIL.

Several programs provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge, experience, and confidence including:

  • Wavemakers (Canadian students only) is a part-time, free, and flexible virtual program. Students engage virtually with students across Canada to work on a real-world work challenge, connect with global companies in the virtual career fair, and attend learning sessions with subject matter experts. Each student receives a $200 stipend and the chance to win a scholarship. To learn more, visit the Wavemakers website, watch the Wavemakers video, or contact wilabilities@langara.ca.

    Upcoming 2023 Cohorts
    • When you apply, you can select any of these options that could work for you.
      • September 28 – October 26: 4 weeks - Tuesdays/Thursdays (6:00 pm–8:00 pm ET)
      • September 27 – November 22: 8 weeks - Wednesdays (11:00 am–1:00 pm ET)
      • November 2 – November 30: 4 weeks - Tuesdays/Thursdays (6:00 pm–8:00 pm ET)
      • November 8 – December 6: 4 weeks - Mondays/Wednesdays (4:00 pm–6:00 pm ET)
    • These dates don’t work? No problem! Apply and contact Wavemakers with your schedule is and they will get you on the list of a cohort that works.

  • The Global Skills Opportunity Program (Canadian students only) is a 2022–2025 program designed to send a total of 156 students on virtual or in person internships. Federal government funding ensures students from under represented groups, such as students with disabilities, have costs covered during the internship. There are virtual internships available for other Canadian students as well. The first students participated in a global opportunity in Summer 2023. Join a Global Skills Opportunity Info Session to learn more.

  • Co-operative Education (Co-op) allows you to alternate study semesters with paid work terms, so that you can develop the skills needed to be successful in your future career. Join an upcoming Co-op Info Session to learn more.

Get connected with the WIL Abilities project.

Contact the Heather Workman, WIL Abilities Coordinator, at wilabilities@langara.ca and book a one-on-one appointment to discuss how to:
  • Become more involved in WIL at Langara
  • Gain more experience as a student
  • Explore your options and how you can use WIL to advance your studies and career

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