Live, Learn, and Earn at Disney.  

Applications for the 2024 Disney Field School program are closed. For updates on the next intake, check back in the Fall 2024 semester.

Langara College, in partnership with Disney International Programs and the University of California, Riverside, offers a unique international field school where students have the opportunity to work at Walt Disney World. 

The program blends nine credits of academic coursework at the University of California, Riverside and at the Disney University with six months of supervised paid training at Walt Disney World. The program is open to all students. 

Students who participate in the Disney Field School: 

  • Are part of a rare opportunity: Langara is one of six Canadian post-secondary institutions to take part in Disney International's Academic Exchange program. 
  • Have the ability to expand their resume: Build your resume through experiential academic training. Training opportunities include a range of roles including hospitality, merchandising and sales, attractions, and food and beverage. 
  • Experience life-changing opportunities: Learn important business philosophies from Disney leaders and make friends around the world while earning your credentials at Langara.

For questions about the Disney Field School, email

Program Information

Attend a virtual information session to learn more about this unique opportunity.

  • Check back in the Fall 2024 semester for details about the next intake.

This program is designed for exceptional students who seek careers in the field of international tourism, hospitality management and business. It enables participants to study on the UCR campus and participate in field experiences at popular attractions in Southern California prior to an experience on the Disney International Program. When complete, move on to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, where you have the opportunity for a paid, work experience in the hospitality field. 


  • Receive paid, recognizable, real-world training, and life-changing opportunities you can't get anywhere else 
  • Earn a Certificate in Management or a Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate from The University of California 
  • Work with a world-renowned entertainment company and learn skills from Disney leaders 
  • Meet people from around the world
  • Eligible Co-op students can earn a Co-op credit toward their Langara credentials 


  • Living at the University of California, Riverside: During the California component of your program, students will stay in the International Residence Center on the University of California, Riverside campus (triple-occupancy). The cost of the residence and meals is included in the program fee. 
  • Living in Florida: While participating in the Disney International College program, students live in company-sponsored, fully-furnished, one-to-four-bedroom apartments near the Walt Disney World Resort. A bus system provides students with transportation to work, classes, shopping, and social activities. 24-hour security is provided. 
  • The accommodation charge covers the housing fee, utilities, high-speed Internet, local phone service, and transportation. This charge is deducted from participants’ weekly paychecks.

Student Housing Apartment

Student Housing Recreation Room

Student Housing Pool

The dates below are for the 2024 Field School.

  • Friday, January 26, 2024, 12:00 pm (noon): Deadline to complete Langara Disney Online Application
  • Monday, February 5, 2024: University of California, Riverside (UCR) pre-application deadline
    • Includes pre-application form, student essay, student resume, student transcripts, and copy of the passport picture page
  • Monday, February 12, 2024: First recap with all details to be sent to Walt Disney World (WDW) and Partner School
  • Tuesday, February 13, 2024: WDW Candidates will receive online link to Disney Application
  • March, 2024: UCR and Disney Presentation and Interviews
  • April, 2024: Disney Offers will be sent directly to the student through their personal Disney Dashboard Portal.
    1. First, the student must accept or decline the WDW offer.
    2. Then, the student must pay their Disney Program Assessment Fee through their Disney Dashboard.
  • May, 2024: UCR Application fee and Confirmation Financial Resources (CFR) due
  • June, 2024: UCR-Disney Program admission information to be sent directly to students with copy to partners.
  • June, 2024: DS-2019 to be mailed directly to partner institution contact. UCR Admissions Team will email SEVIS numbers to partner institutions
  • June, 2024: Tuition and health insurance fees due to UCR
  • Sunday, June 23, 2024: Students arrive at UCR
  • June 24–July 6, 2024: UCR two-week program
  • Sunday, July 7, 2024: Students depart to UCR (Red eye flight the night before WDW arrival)
  • Monday, July 8, 2024: Students arrive at WDW (housing check in between 12:00 pm–3:00 pm)
  • Thursday, January 2, 2025: Disney program ends and students depart WDW
  • February, 2025: Transcripts sent to Partner Institution

All dates are subject to change.

Student will take courses through The University of California, Riverside’s Applied Management for Hospitality and Tourism Program.

Required Courses (15 units):

MGT X105 – Introduction to the Global Hospitality Industry (5 units)
This is an introduction course to the Applied Management for Hospitality and Tourism Program that blends academic course work with a supervised paid internship with an approved Internship company or location. This course provides an overview of the hospitality industry from a management perspective. Topics include the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, cruise ships and casino hotels. Discussions address the travel and tourism industry, career opportunities, ethics, cultural diversity, franchising, management contracts and areas of management responsibility such as human resources, marketing and sales, and advertising.

MGT X105.12 – Supervised Training, Part I (5 units)
The student will begin a qualified Professional Work Experience (PWE) in a hospitality business that allows the student to develop personal and professional experiences through guided practices in a multi-cultural work environment. The PWE position(s) provided by the employer will offer a variety of training and tasks relevant to the student’s career preparation, and an opportunity for autonomy and learning teamwork. The student will explore and discover management functions, methods, and concepts in hospitality operations. As a part of the learning experience, this class requires students to take up to two 2-hour courses offered by Disney’s DORMS program.

MGT X105.13 – Supervised Training, Part II (5 units)
The student will complete a reflective report in a hospitality business that allows the student to apply classroom knowledge and guided experience to onsite employment, and networking to career goals. This advanced internship program will prepare the student to confidently choose or not choose a career path in the hospitality industry using personal and professional employment knowledge and competencies. As a part of the learning experience, this class requires students to take up to two 2-hour courses offered by Disney’s DORMS program.

Elective Course – Online (4 units)
Must choose one course from the following list of online courses:

MGT X475.51 – Consumer Behavior (4 units)
Understanding "why people buy" is of crucial importance in determining how to market. This course analyzes consumer desire/needs and examines methods for satisfying them in order to learn how to create and stimulate demand for an organization's products and services. The material covered concentrates on both internal factors (beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, emotions) and external factors (class, peer groups, family structure, culture, society, stereotypes) which influence buying behavior.

MGT X480.51 – Customer Service Management (4 units)
Participants examine best practices in customer service and how organizations use customer service to expand their customer base. Topics include initiating and sustaining quality improvement in customer relations, measuring customer satisfaction, developing and using performance indicators, differentiating customer service approaches, certification options, and the role of technology, workforce management and outsourcing in customer service.

MGT X470.47 – Organizational Leadership (4 units)
Participants explore current leadership theories and practices through a range of high-level decision-making topics including change management, leadership models, employee motivation and retention, process improvement, quality improvement, performance excellence, teambuilding and executive decision-making. Case studies and class discussion are used to reinforce theories and explore opportunities for practical application.

MGT X476.71 – Strategic Marketing and the Marketing Plan (4 units)
Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage is an ongoing challenge to everyone involved in implementing a marketing strategy. In a climate of rapidly changing products, services and delivery methods, marketing management requires an understanding of methods and techniques that can help achieve a competitive advantage by positively distinguishing the organization, product or service from competitors. This course examines how to develop, implement and manage competitive marketing strategies that achieve marketing and organizational goals. Participants evaluate and assess the potential effectiveness of alternative strategies as they relate to mission, resources and goals. The creation of a comprehensive marketing plan that meets these goals is extensively discussed, and participants work in teams to develop actual marketing plans.

Elective Course – In-Person (4 units)
Must choose one course from the following list of in-person courses:

MGT X105.01 – Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management (4 units)
The objective of this advanced-level course is to prepare students to become entry-level managers in the Hospitality Industry by exposing them to contemporary and complex operational issues and situations and equipping them with the ability to analyze problems and develop, propose, and implement strategic solutions. Topics covered include leadership, strategic planning, international tourism, organizational behavior, communication, ethics, etiquette, human resource management, hospitality, security and guest service, among others.

MGT X105.03 – Corporate Communication (4 units)
This course describes how American companies communicate with key audiences, both internal and external to the corporation. Course introduces students to the communication function and how companies reach a variety of publics to include customers, investors, employees, media, government agencies and communities located in the proximity of the corporation. The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the purpose and significance of communication within an organization at many levels. Students will learn both the why and how of communication techniques as organizations interface with customers, employees, and the public. As a result, students should have greater understanding of and appreciation for the corporate communication process.

MGT X105.05 – Human Resource Management (4 units)
This course explores the human resource management function in a corporate setting and focuses on the development of knowledge and skills that all managers and leaders need. The course will focus on such subjects as the selection process, employment law, labor relations, compensation, performance development, corporate training and maintaining effective environments. The classes are designed to familiarize participants with current human resource practices and laws that apply to their careers regardless of their field.

Fixed Program Cost

Cost at UCR: $7,470 (USD)

  • $450 (USD) Application fee – paid to UCR
  • $1,820 (USD) UCR Medical Insurance fee ($65 x 28 weeks – may vary by intake)
  • $5,200 (USD) Tuition and UCR/Disney school fees
  • Housing (included in Tuition cost)

Disney Program Assessment Fee: $442 (USD)

  • First week of housing cost, events, and activities

Estimated Program Cost: $7,912 (USD)

Personal Expenses and Additional Costs to keep in mind:

  • $220 (USD) SEVIS fee (Paid online to the Department of Homeland Security) 
  • $185 (USD) Visa Processing Fee (Paid to US Consulate)
  • $1000 (CAD) Round-trip ticket from Vancouver to Orlando with a stop-over in Los Angeles 
  • $70 (CAD) Langara Student Union and Capital Building Legacy Fund fees

Additional costs in Orlando (26 weeks)

  • $100 (USD) Books/materials fees (variable)
  • $5,174–6,110 (USD) Housing in Orlando, FL (based on $199–235/week, subject to change)
  • $1,300 (USD) Food based on $50/week
  • $1,300 (USD) Miscellaneous expenses
  • We recommend that you bring additional funding for personal travel & gifts.

Estimated Earnings at Disney World: 

  • $15,000 (USD) – Based on $16 (USD)/hour, averaging 37.5 hours/week