Whether you’re hiring a Co-op or post-degree diploma student for the first time, or it’s your 100th placement, we’re here to help you through the process. 

All jobs must be paid, at minimum wage or higher to be considered a work term placement. Employment must be compliant with Provincial guidelines and provide WorkSafe insurance. 

Hiring a student works the same way as hiring most employees—it all starts with the job description.  

How to Hire a Co-op or PDD Work Experience Student  

  • Post a job on our C3 Job Board.
  • Interview candidates either remotely or at your office.
  • Provide a written job offer that includes the start and end dates, hours of work, location (remote or on site), the supervisor’s name, and pay rate. 
  • Once hired, the student will notify the Co-op Office of their placement.

For Co-op jobs, all terms must reach 420 hours of work. For post-degree diploma students, all work terms must reach 300 hours of work. 

Employer Checklist for a Successful Placement 

We’re here to support you in ensuring a successful work term placement. To set your student up for success, we ask that you as an employer: 

  • Provide a student orientation in the first week and make introductions to team members (remote or in person).
  • Discuss work term expectations including roles and responsibilities, company goals, plus any confidentiality requirements.
  • Provide supervision by ensuring the student has a manager or supervisor.
  • Give regular feedback to your student so they know how they’re doing.
  • Participate in one site visit (remote or on-site) with the student and Co-op instructor mid-way to check in (typically takes up to one hour).
  • Complete a quick student evaluation survey at the end of the term and review the results with the student. 

Supporting Your Student in a Remote-work Placement? 

Students are often new to the workplace and may require additional support to be successful in remote settings.  

The Association for Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning (ACE-WIL) has some great resources on supporting remote Co-op and work placements

Incomplete Work Terms 

We expect that most Co-op terms will complete as expected, but we understand that sometimes things change. 

If the employment term does not work out for any reason, or a student is unable to complete the term, please contact us.